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 - graduated from schenley HS 1995, highest honor.  3.9 GPA.  
    - IB program.  received highest scores possible in english and history; recieved IB diploma;

 - graduated from university of pittsburgh 1999
    - Bachelor of science in computer science. 3.0 GPA. ; math minor.
    - coursework included database management systems, programming languages, artificial
       intelligence (multiple classes), operation systems, japanese, linguistics
    - dj and rpm director for campus radio station, wpts 92.1fm for 3 years

- work for expedient communications 2005 - present
   - programmer / developer for systems department at this regional isp and datacenter
   - general purpose programmer working on various projects in php, java, perl and
     using oracle and mysql dbms and other technologies as necessary
   - maintain and write reports for crystal reports platform
   - designed a number of mission critical applications for the company including
     purchase tracking system, sales quoting system, incident reports and more.
- founded and operate wrecked distribution company 2001 - present
   - sole proprietorship - i am the founder and sole employee
   - mail-order and in-person distro of experimental electronic music
   - designed website from the ground up.  includes site, inventory
      management, shopping cart, and admin tools; database is MySQL, site is coded in PHP
   - buy from labels and distros, fill orders and keep accounting
   - make promotional flyers, and organize and promote related events

 - worked for stargate industries 1999-2003; bought by e-xpedient, working 2003 - present
    - hired as telephone tech support, for ISP including dialup, isdn, dsl,
       t1,  webhosting, email, vpn, and networking.
    - was a shift leader for 2 years, then moved to corporate support department
    - involved with training new hires.  
    - designed a version of our internal  website - the CIM (customer information manager)

-  worked for public interest communications summer of 1997
     - phone based fund raising for non-profit groups

-  worked in pitt/upmc falk library media center computer lab assisting patrons 1998-1999
     - worked on windows and mac platforms
     - assisted patrons with office software, graphics, scanners, printers and  general questions

-  founded pbs collective promotion company
    - promoted events from 1998-2001
    - a series of experimental electronic music events, including a weekly @ suburban trance clothing,
      and events at the irish center, paintball arena, millvale industrial theater, and southside ice arena 
    - involved with booking talent, sound, lighting, venues; put up my own capitol and did footwork to make it happen
    - designed website and promotional posters and flyers for the events.
    - typical attendance for one offs 400-600 people

 - web design projects
      - wrecked-distro.com // site for wrecked
      - girls-night-in.com // set-up ecommerce elements using oscommerce
      - help.expedient.net // developed current content as well as particular code pieces	
      - fuzz.412dnb.com // design and code
      - rhinoplex.org/pghelectro // design and code  	     
      - alleghenyreproductive.com // current webmaster 
      - pbs.chemlab.org // site for pbs archived at http://rhinoplex.org/wrecked/pbs
      - http://www.pitt.edu/~amb18/girlsite/girlsite.html  // western pa feminist resources site

 - graphic design & writing
     - self published technology zine 1997-98 about local electronic music scene  
     - cornworld personal website 1995-1999
     - cutups method radio show promo flyers 1996-1999
     - pbs flyers 1998-2001
         - life is but a dream, the burial, chaotic transdimension, haus party, brian's bday, anfscd
     - wrecked flyers 2000 - ?
         - electronic anarchy, hackfest, soundclash, i hate myself and want to die, smashing art,
            kneel before zod, disco mutants, sonic terror, gangstabass inc., freq nasty,
            el tour de los guapos, machine drum
     - skilled with: freehand, pen ink & marker, screenprinting, multimedia, photoshop/digital media

    - rpm director and radio dj for wpts 1996-1999
    - proficient in sound editing, including soundforge, acid, fruity loops
    - history of the symphonies project 2000-2001
    - knowledgable about a large number of artists and releases; regularly write reviews
    - dj since 1998 spinning a variety of styles; resident at bloomfield bridge tavern wed's
        - styles include drum and bass - ragga, dark, intelligent, jumpup, jazzy, across the whole spectrum,
           classic rave and uk breakbeat hardcore, hardcore techno of many shades - gabber,
           speedcore, acid, extensive breakcore and experimental hardcore selection, ebm/newbeat/industrial,
           rhythmic noise, ambient/soundscape/collage,  a wide range of IDM - drillnbass, melodic downtempo,
           glitch, electro, both pop and underground, 80's pop, hiphop, punk, ska, polka, random mashups of any
           of these styles and others.
    - show promoter, running weekly (FUZZ), monthly (LAZERCRUNK, SHAME ON) and one off events.

    - long general experience (15+ years) with computers, i can pick up any software very quickly.
    - familiar with identifying and troubleshooting most problems with computer hardware or software
    - have built PCs for myself; currently have a home network i set up.
    - computer interests include the web, graphic design, music, games, programming and networking
       - currently most interested in web design, php & mysql, social networking software, audio software
    - theory interests include artificial intelligence, cybernetics

    - things i use currently and regularly (daily to weekly)
       - OS - win2000, winXP, win98, unix
       - GENERAL APPS - MS Word, MS Excel, Outlook Express, Outlook, IE, Netscape, Putty, WsFTP, Photoshop,
          Soundforge, Pine, Pico, Acrobat
       - WORK APPS - Vantive, Portal

    - things i'm familiar with
      - OS - win95/3.1/NT/ME, MacOS 7-X 
      - GENERAL APPS - MS Access, Eudora, Flash
      - LANGUAGES/SCRIPT/DB - C, C++, Javascript, LISP, Pascal, Visual Basic

THINGS YOU CAN HIRE ME TO DO (email your request to geoff.maddock@gmail.com)  
    -   Computers
	- Help you learn computer basics - windows, ms office, internet
	- Install new software - help you learn it
	- Install new hardware - make sure it works
	- Troubleshoot any computer problems
	- Programming in PHP/C/Perl/etc ;new projects, code updates, testing and maintainance	

    - 	Web Design 
	- Coding in HTML, PHP, and MySQL
 	- Site graphic design and layout
	- Have me make a personal site or resume page
	- Simple web-presence sites for small business, band or group
	- Update your current outdated website 
	- Let me help you get hosting, register domain names
	- Help with graphics/photos and audio

    -   Graphic Design
	- Creative ideas and concepts for any project
	- Design logos for business, band or groups 
	- Design and printing of flyers, brouchures, posters for any purpose

    -	Other    
        - I produce 1-inch size "punk rock" style buttons for $.25 each for 10 or more 
	- Writing copy for reviews, colorful descriptions of products, superlatives for aritsts.
	- Promotional footwork - flyering, postering, contacting press, promoting events of all kinds.
	- DJ your event, club night or houseparty;  i'm flexible and can play to a crowd or challenge them.  
weird. f+.