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For month four, we shift gears as Humanaut hands the keys over to one of the most respected music men in Pittsburgh: CUTUPS (AKA Geoff Maddock). Over the years, Geoff has worked tirelessly to bring a huge variety of cutting-edge music through this city. Join us as he highlights some of the best artists from the region in another round of Belvedere's dance floor punishment.


"When Humanaut crew asked me to plan an instance of their new but already smashing Out of Order night, I jumped at the chance. They always bring a high production value to their shows and have commanded alot of respect among the informed dance music crowd in pittsburgh. It was fun to put together a lineup that would rep my own tastes, but also be a hit at a Humanaut party.

Jason Burns immediately came to mind as somebody I'd like to play this night. He's one of Cleveland's originals in the dubstep scene, both as a dj for regular nights and one offs, a producer who's been getting play all over ("Back 2 You" was one of XLR8Rs top 100 Downloads of 2011), and co-promoter bringing in top acts in the genre for more than a few years. His style leans heavily to the deeper, soulful end of the spectrum, but he doesn't really limit himself to one style or mood, other than just playing top notch tunes.

Vasculator is a long time fan, electronic hardware geek, and producer of techno and left field electronic music, but has existed mostly on the fringes of pittsburgh's scene. He's been a collaborator with the Technoir Audio crew doing live techno, toured doing modular synth work with
industrial act Prometheus Burning, and played blistering original breakcore live sets in Detroit and the west coast. This time he's doing and all new stripped down techno live set that combines his digital and analog gear.

I was looking for one more guest to round out the night, when I remembered that Jose "Mr. Hamilton" was looking to put together a classic IDM set. You may know him from his live sets as Mr. Hamilton or as part of Ekofield, or his deep house sets at various spots around town, but he's also a big fan of left field electronic music and will be opening up with a set of 90s/ early 2000's selections.



Jason Burns [Savory Audio, Brapdem, Cleveland]
Vasculator [live] [Lightwork, Void]
Cutups [Wrecked, Fuzz, Lazercrunk, Illusions]
Mr. Hamilton [Cosmic Mafia, 90's IDM set]

- Four-corner Impact Audio sound rig.
- The beat drops at 9pm.
- $5 cover starts at 10pm.
- The night ends at 2am.

Drink special:
$2 Iron City Special 10-12
$3 Well drinks all night


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DOWNLOAD: http://cutupsmethod.com/audio/mixes/thundertroll/cutups-thundertroll-320.mp3

A mix of 90s era gabber anthems, focusing on some of the most absurd jams.

The Stunned Guys - Hymn
Boombastic - One Love
DJ Gizmo - 2 The Resque
Davie Forbes - Apocalypse Now
DJ E-Rock & Tactic - Bring the Noise
The Scotchman - Happy Vibes
Sonicdriver - In Your Arms Tonight
Body Lotion - Always Hardcore
Wedlock - I'm the Fuck You Man
Annihilator - Realm of Darkness
Paul Elstak - Pump The Party
Cybernators - Funky Tales
DJ Pagan - Mister Mister Scarface
Paul Elstak - You're a Hardcore Hooligan
Predator - Mind of A Lunatic
Juggernaut - Don't Fuck With a Ruffneck
The Judges feat. DJ Promo - Blastin' the System
Chosen Few - Name of the DJ
3 Steps Ahead - Paint It Black
Bodylotion - Watte Dan
Da Beatblower - Fuck Your S Off
Tellurian - Squash the Floor
Evil Maniax - Psychopath
DJ Isaac - I Wanna Be a Gabber Baby
Gabber Piet - Love U Hardcore (Hardcore Mix)
Lords of the Underworld - Hardcore Dance
Rob Gee & Ralphie Dee - Mellow Message
Wasting Program - Jazz Sacrilege
DJ Gizmo - The Dope Man (DJ Buzz Fuzz remix)
Public Domain - So Get Up (Jeremy mix)
DJ Delerium - THe Sound of the Beast (Rob Gee remix)
Lords of the Underworld - Loose Control
Bodylotion - Ik Wil Hakke
Syndicate - Appetite For Destruction

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saturday january 7th


occult cosmic dance ritual

featuring a live set from special guest

synth pop / dark disco / dream wave

plus guest
neon 80's night / dark 80's jams

and audio and video selections from
cutups, tella and vaneck

featuring the best of new and classic dark dancefloor sounds
occult techno, cosmic disco, post punk, death rock, witch house
minimal wave, shimmering bass, haunted pop, dark alternative, etc.

downstairs at Cattivo 146 44th St.
Two blocks off Butler St, Lawrenceville.

9PM - 2AM. $5 Cover. 21+

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Sixth mix in the Stackin Paper series, which we put out in collaboration with Wonderful Life clothing. The CD has a 
mega-mix each from Cutups & Keeb$, resident djs at the LAZERCRUNK monthly. The styles touch everything from r&b to 
dubstep, to funky garage, rave, juke, crunk and other mashed up, fun party jams.

More info:

Download here:
Cutups http://cutupsmethod.com/audio/mixes/stackinpaper6/cutups-stackinpaper6-320.mp3

r. kelly - rollin'
clicks & whistles - cranberry goose
donaeo - check my swagga out
high powered boys - udon
lunice - fancy forty (rustie rmx)
weez-ie - keep yer chin up (salva remix)
the naked and famous - young blood (futurecop remix)
kissy sell out - joanna (figure remix)
emeli sande - heaven (pyramid re-fix)
dubbel dutch - b leave
beyonce - run the world (dj sega remix)
gold panda - marriage (star slinger remix)
joker - my trance girl
uncle murda - warning (the town edit)
grizzly j - kicksville
la da boomman w/ tity boi and yo gotti - up in here (mayhem bootleg)
gucci mane ft waka flocka flame - pacman
krampfhaft - i needed you
boylan - mystery
ciara - deuces (dubbel dutch rmx)
tango & ratty - tales from the darkside
childish gambino - freaks & geeks (star slinger remix)
Blakkk Jesus - one kid (feat. nicki minaj, sleigh bells and swedish house mafia)

Obi Blanche - Just Ask It
Drop the Lime - Bourbon Blitz
Xcuse Feat. Ayarcana - All right
Ursa Major - Blacklight
Peace - Sunburst
Jason Burns - Leave Me Alone
Sduk - YouNyt
Gladkill - Return To Form
Nasty Nasty - The Goalie
Project Pat Feat. Tity Boi - Money Mane Remix
Dem Slackers Feat. Stezo - Swagger (Tigorilla Remix)
Young Chris Feat. Future - Racks (Feat. Future)
Sheila D - Ballin Like I'm Diddy
Clicks & Whistles - Cranberry Juice (Distal Remix)
Skream - i <3 U So
Chris B - On The Grind

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LazerCrunk is a club night that takes place the first thursday
of every month at the Brillobox, in Pittsburgh, PA.

The idea of the night is to mix up fun, cutting edge post-genre dance music:
electro crunk, new rave, street bass, indie dance, b-more bashment,
robot rock, toxic dancehall, soul refixes, party mashup sounds, etc.

After working together on many different projects going back
to the rave days at the end of the 90s, we started some random one offs under the StackinPaper name in 2007, 
to focus on fun events that weren't genre specific. When a night freed up at the Brillobox, we started Lazercrunk
 in June 2008, keeping a similar idea of doing FUN, mixed up nights with guests who were doing the same.

12/1 B.BRAVO (Frite Nite, SF)

past lazercrunk nights

11/3/11 CLICKS & WHISTLES (Embassy, NC)
9/29/11 Dr Edwyn and Jx4 (PGH)
9/1/11 Cosmic Revenge (Frite Nite, SF)
8/13/11 Still Life (BASED, Cleveland)
7/3/11 LAZERCRUNK: FUCK YEAH! w/ Chrissy Murderbot (PlanetMu, Chicago)
- no june date we did get weird instead -
5/5/11 EAT CAKE LIKE A BOSS w/ Hank D (PGH)
4/7/11 MOCHIPET (DalyCity, SF)
2/3/11 UDACHI (Nightshifters / PartyLikeUs NYC)
1/6/11 B.RICH (Party Like Us, PGH)

12/5/10 FREDDY TODD (Simplify - Detroit)
11/4/10 Victor Hugonot & Noetic5000
10/7/10 DUBBEL DUTCH (Palms Out - Austin)
9/2/10 RED FOX & DEVNULL (<3THROB, Boston)
7/1/10 LAZERCOLA w/ Rx (Pfunkt) & Kid Cassady
6/4/10 SOPHOMORE DANCE w/ Ed Um & Ace-C
5/6/10 DEATHFACE (T&B - NYC)
4/17/10 TOMB CREW (UK)
4/1/10 *THE PICKLE!!!* w/ DJ NUGGET (PGH)
2/19/10 KANJI KINETIC (UK) w/ Ekofield + DJs @ Brillobox
2/4/10 TIGHTEN UP (Houston & Illy MC) - DC/Philly
1/7/10 Hearts of Darknesses vs Girltalk DJ set (NY/PGH)

11/5/09 B.RICH (Party Like Us - Pgh!)
10/1/09 DEV79 (Seclusiasis - Street Bass - Philly)
9/3/09 EMYND (Philly, crossfadedbacon.com)
8/1/09 LAZERCRUNK Cool Weekend Party w/ Dan Dabber & Depth
7/2/09 NATE DAY (LA) & ILLY MC (PHI)
5/7/09 RRRUMP (ATLANTA) - Keeb$ B-Day Party
4/16/09 DIPLO w/ LC, Nugget, Commonwealth Fam @ Diesel
3/19/09 *B*LAZERCRUNK w/ Party With A Capitol P
1/15/09 LAZERCRUNK "Foam Party" w/ Temisan Adoki

12/18/08 MATH HEAD (NYC)
11/20/08 E-SIX & ROAN (CHI)
10/16/08 LET ME RIDE (PHI)
9/18/08 LAZER-TAG-TEAM w/ rukkus, doverspike, natty boh and rar kelly
6/19/08 LAZERCRUNK! BLAST-OFF w/ Cutups & Keeb$

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FUZZ is a weekly drum and bass night that has been happening at the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern since
May of 2000.   It's all about bass, beer and pierogis.   We bring in local, national and international djs,
who play along with our crew of 412DNB resident djs.   It's mainly been drum and bass, but you're just 
as likely to hear other sounds in the breakbeat and bass family, from dubstep, hiphop, idm, breakcore, garage, etc.

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Wrecked is a project / business i've run since 2001.   I stock hard to find electronic
music from all over the world, but  really specialized in the breakcore / experimental hardcore scene.

Since about 2008, things have been slowing down significantly, with changes in music buying habits,
and the economy overall.   I scaled back my buying activity in response to that, to the point now
where i only deal with very small quantities, and with artists and labels that i'm either friends
with or extremely excited about.

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thursday october 27th 2011


all hallows eve eve eve eve eve
a dark halloween dance party

celebrate the return of the spirits of the dead
returning to earth with music, dance and libation

with special guest
†‡† RITUALZ †‡†
dark wave dance floor and sounds of doom
disaro / robot elephant / mexico city

plus djs

cutups, tella, vaneck

mixing up the best of new and classic dark dancefloor sounds and video
occult techno, cosmic disco, post punk, death rock, witch house
minimal wave, shimmering bass, haunted pop, dark alternative, etc.

at Brillobox 4104 Penn Ave
10PM-2AM / $5 cover / 21+

we'll have some kind of witches brew special,
and some other fun things in store...

a mask, behind a mask, behind a mask, behind a mask, behind
a mask, behind a mask, behind a mask, behind a mask, behind
a mask, behind a mask, behind a mask, behind a mask, behind
a mask, behind a mask, behind a mask, behind a mask, behind
a mask, behind a mask, behind a mask, behind a mask, behind
a mask, behind a mask, behind a mask, behind a mask, behind
a mask, behind a mask, behind a mask, behind a mask, behind
a mask, behind a mask, behind a mask, behind a mask, behind

rsvp pon di facebook

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Here's a set of three mixes that I recorded for a new periodic night - ILLUSIONS - in Pittsburgh, PA.

Illusions III synth pop and horror electro
mix by cutups recorded 08/29/11

DOWNLOAD http://hauntedshit.com/events/illusions/Cutups-Illusions-III.mp3

umberto - black candles
m83 - midnight city
pictureplane - real is a feeling
crystal castles - magic spells
blondes - moondance
teeel - dark passenger
antoni maiovvi - class dagger
soft metals - the cold world melts
john carpenter & alan howarth - the bank robbery (lory d edit)
tm eye - exposure
ministry - we believe
gatekeeper - chains
mystery jets - two doors down (duke dumont remix)
zombi - shrunken heads

Illusions II dark balaeric and witch house
mix by cutups recorded 08/29/11

DOWNLOAD http://hauntedshit.com/events/illusions/Cutups-Illusions-II.mp3

ocean - tw1n p34ks
jam city - 2 hot
holy other - touch (supreme cuts mix)
doshy - suspiria
wikan - koven
hvzel - medium
mascara - 16th street baptist
balam acab - expect
unicorn kid - wild life (the blessings remix)
com truise - brokendate
ritualz - bodie
gucci mane - dollar sign (these new puritans remix)
vektroid - planetary zones
resurrector - outcome
~?�?~ - tangent pile wall
zola jesus - night

Illusions I dark space techno and melancholy electro
mix by cutups recorded 08/29/11

DOWNLOAD http://hauntedshit.com/events/illusions/Cutups-Illusions-I.mp3

black swan - part 1
svreca - obscur (claro intelecto remix)
kassem mosse - demo drums ripping
raime - this foundry (regis version)
function - variance 3 (marcel dettmann edit)
214 - drift diving
alden tyrell - disco lunar module
anodyne - empire of light
hannah cartwright - thrice
hyetal - diamond islands

Tags: dark mix
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saturday september 3rd


occult cosmic dance ritual

featuring the best of new and classic dark dancefloor sounds occult techno, cosmic disco, post punk, death rock, 
witch house minimal wave, shimmering bass, haunted pop, dark alternative, etc. with audio and video selections from cutups, ed um, tella and vaneck downstairs at Cattivo 146 44th St. Two blocks off Butler St, Lawrenceville. 9PM - 2AM. $3 Cover. 21+

Tags: events cattivo dark illusions
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set i did live for the Ultrawizardsword.net broadcast/podcast.
shout outs to relativeq!

DOWNLOAD http://youngrobots.com/media/ultrawizardsword/22_cutups_-_broken_records_070811.mp3

john carpenter - the devil awakens
jon convex - convexations
blawan - lavender
pluge - duty to work (cyp remake)
perc - my head is slowly exploding (ancient methods remix)
sawf - slim
anodyne - empire of light
the future sound of london - dead cities
doshy - suspiria
om unit x lorn - obsidian
f - hologram
ramadanman - don't change for me
actraiser - tiger road
peverelist - sun dance
dark sky - something to lose
benton - having fun
baobinga - make me feel
soosh - rainbow hiccups
machinedrum - tmpl
distal & hxdb - typewriter tune vip
throwing snow - un vingt (ital tek remix)
starkey - holodeck
hyetal - diamond islands
holy other - touch (supreme cuts mix)
virtual boy - thrust
exillon - mind war electro
kero - 10:48 done (vsnares remix)
vektroid - dusk at temple amiga
com truise - space dust
subwave - rain dance
offshore - jen at the station
jack sparrow & baobinga - transpennine express
rockwell - live for the moment
noisia & hybris - crystalline
fields - 10 left
diamond eye - temple dub
nosaj thing - lords
dbridge - rendezvous
mane mane - get over in 3d
washed out - amor fati
kuedo - take off (remix)
mario kart 64 - koopa troopa beach (rac mix)

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