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CUTUPS - Blast Off Vol. 6 mix

Lazercrunk is back with BLASTOFF Volume 006, showcasing the mix of new bass and club tunes you'll hear every 2nd Friday (although this month is Saturday the 15th!) at the Brillobox. This month features CUTUPS pulling high energy selections from his current crates.


P Money - Pansonic
KRNE - Aryah
26Carat - Inspire
Skuls - Blok
Glacci - Cerulean Cloak
Broken Haze - Celica
Mssngno - Scope
Akshi - Space Dream
Max Styler & Audiobot - Rule the World
Selouse & Devault - All I Need
Rustie - Big Cattz (rojazu reboot)
Dawn Richard - Not Above That
Mace - Touch Me
NovaDrops - Teaberry
Nick Hook - Can't Tell Me Nothing feat. Novelist (salva remix)
Zeke Beats - Meltdown
Sir Spyro - Toppa Top
G Jones & Buku - Meridian
Myrne & Awoltalk - Sanctum
Jupe & Awoltalk - Young Blood
Big Dope P - Lap Dance
1OO1O x Monvco - Champagne Diet
BSN Posse - Somthin about Us (VIP)
Flex Blur - ftwk
T-Pain - Look at Me (Mr FUZZ remix)
Machinedrum - Do it 4 U
Alfred - Rockin U Eternally (Footmerc remix)
Kush Jones ft Swisha - Curry Ramen
Fracture - Loving Touch
Chimpo - Bedsprings Riddim
Chimpo - Ram Dance Man
Rhino - 96000
Redders - Dem Ones
SteLouse & Myrne - Call Me
Porter Robinson & Madeon - Shelter (Luca Lush lift)
Tropkillaz - Mahabbah
Baauer - Temple (feat. M.I.A. & G-Dragon)

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Thirteenth mix in the #ILLUSIONS mix series,
Recorded on the occasion of halloween in the year 2016
mixed by cutups

dark trap, witch house, gothic wave

More info: 

survive - low fog
brothel x sidewalks an skeletons - glass coffin
kareful - lost
hnrk - abyssus
ktng - tomb w/ kloudbug
blvck ceiling - ghost
kareful - in the dark
halls - roses for the dead
river bones - aus ruinen
sorsari - children of gaia
deadcrow - last kiss
misogi - blackheart
cat - bore hole
trash lord - skylines (ft. whispa)
dj heroin & hnrk - neophyt
ic3peak - i'll be found (sidewalks and skeletons remix)
rustie - tempest
l'enfant de la foret - a secret
fraunhofer diffraction - black slough
yedgar - bahamut 
dreamhaze - loop
ooooo - burnout eyes
as1 - kill the drama
strange vip - cyberomancer 2013
semicolon - creep (666 followers special)
antoni maiovvi - prisoner nightdrive (mircalla remix)
blvck ceiling - hello, mircalla
d/sir - this begins in the dark
(((O)))) - death march
esoteric sob - people without a face (logical disorder remix)
survive - omniverse
violet7rip - u_kno_me
dead sky - cult
vt - i don't make it
evstghxst - over my shoulder
chromatics - shadow (last dance of the night club edit)

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a promo mix for a one of night this september - BLACKTOP 
- mixing up flavors of rough, smooth, urban and soulful vibes of footwork, juke, jungle, r&b, raggamuffin and soul.

boogie dan x ticklish - you don't know my name
alix perez - revolve-her
bsn posse - down in my soul
dj earl feat taso - smoke dat green
nuage - endless green
bahnhof::zoo - talk'n bout anything
taso - saxxx
supraman - hit it right
taal mala - do it
brandy - paint this house (ticklish reboot)
footmerc- ez does it (control of your mind)
glamour gold - feel (mix 1)
ruffhouse & clarity - aphasia (sam binga & redders remix)
richie brains - bring dat back ft killa p
leviticus - burial (logistics remix)
dope skillz - 6 million ways
dj rashad x spin x taso - luchini vip
dj rashad - pass that shit (feat spinn & taso)
dj earl feat moondoctor & opn - smoking reggie
dj earl & manny - we do this
artificial intelligence - shrine
bsn posse - get u 
dj taye - that love
marvellous cain - dubplate style
flamingosis - next to you (ticklish edit)
tropmanga - pon di rock
high contrast - twilight's last gleaming
dj amex - und
dj mcchicken - w8 in gold
snappy jit - she like my step (feat chad.)


thursday sept 22nd

B L A C K T O P 
hot off the streets
a night of footwork and jungle
rough, smooth, urban, soulful vibes

with selectors
cutups & 0h85

no cover / 21+

come to move yr feet

The Goldmark
4517 Butler St, 
Pittsburgh, PA

0h85.bandthursday sept 22nd

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a 107 mix recorded for Cosmic Sound.

Strains of cyber-grime, mutant technoid sounds and jarring rhythmic tessellations.

paul jabanasam - search another 3Hφ˙ = lose you i) place i=0 doubt I V (φ) am ∝ exp( √ 16π to meet you again pm² P φ
the sprawl - from wetware to software
ling - canthem
angel-ho - auto shade
munguugnum - ancient alients
sudanim - lightmare
timbah - my head
acre - flash speed
spurz - ornate reflex 
mutual friend - perfection (liar optimix)
mutual friend - cylinder
tsunga - masstext
bob traxx - devil drumzz
cassini - fermi
akkord - typeface
duct - it's jungle (flex remix)
phat chex - puxton bridge
maelstrom - the line
logos & mumdance - dance energy (89 mix)
robotiko rejekto - rejekto
tgt (the genetic terrorists) - revo (eon mix)
otik - emphasis (liar optimix)
ontal - sojutsy
dehousy - manda le (liar optimix
sudanim - sideman
lorn - mount kwaku
marcx - caged
lydes - leaving thrice
dreem tran - deus ex mechana
rabit - so clean (drippin remix)
dark0 - amethyst
gundam - sniper wolf (logos + mumdance mash)
wiley - from the outside (special request vip)
korma - orloj (liar optimix)
hypersport ltd - muta8
loom - boy racer
iljuswifmo - alcala
particle - absolute zero
partisan - magma
bloom - gquartz (starkey remix)
elf kid - gosh (boylan mix)
special request - tractor beam
basic rhythm - raw basics
seablaze - shimikaze
duckett - lightning storm
alix perez - u 
c mantle - shrouder
somatic responses - pattern 2.6
fracture - black pearl
rabit - tearz

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Twelfth mix in the #ILLUSIONS mix series,
Part two of a special two part set for Halloween 2015
mixed by cutups

gothic rock, death rock, synthpunk

More info: hauntedshit.com/events/illusions/

shadowhouse - start again
pressures - abnormal
ash code - drama
the kvb - shadows
alien sex fiend - dead and buried
virgin in veil - hearthrobs
veil of light - pale eyes
fangs on fur - snake
flowers & fire - substance
the cocteau twins - feathers-oar-blades
deathday - after dark
moth - obelion disco
all your sisters - a perfect body
geometric vision - solitude of the trees
hante - il n'y a qu'un pas
benediction - deliverance
inhalt - black sun
nun - evoke the sleep
liaisons dangereuses - etre assis ou danset
kindest cuts - 122 hours of fear
the soft moon - far
crimson scarlet - dead parade
masses - broken
masquerade - murderama
spectres - longinas
dystopian society - violations
panorama in black - city of the dead

Tags: goth deathrock mix audio
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Eleventh mix in the ILLUSIONS mix series,
Part one of a special two part set for Halloween 2015
mixed by Cutups

haunting atmospheres, synth wave, witch house, giallo disco and black techno
More info: hauntedshit.com/events/illusions/

Disasterpeace - Old Maid
Theologian - Candidate
john carpenter - Vortex (Silent Servant remix)
WLDV - We Love Dolce Vita - Cassiopeia
Fraunhofer Diffraction - Let Me Go
H ø R D - Deliverance
Power Glove - Motorcycle Cop
Blanck Mass - Double Cross
BUIO MONDO - Omicidio Sotto Le Luci Al Neon
Nightcrawler Music - Macabre Serenade (OGRE remix)
The HUNT - Angoisse
Creeper - Phantom Power
Void Vision - Sour (Vanzetti & Sacco Remix)
Chelsea Wolfe - The Warden (Maceo Plex remix)
Guardian - Thirst (single edit)
Ortrotasce - Lost Love
Miss Kittin & THE HACKER - Leather Forever
Dimentia - Human Sacrifice
sendai - Inverse Array 1
Talker - Frame Capture
Bourbonese Qualk - Lies (Ancient Methods edit)
Veil Of Light - In Ruins
Lebanon Hanover - The Crater
Shaddah Tuum - Merkabah
Kuedo - Boundary Regulation
Carpenter Brut - Invasion A. D.
The Hunt - Brain Test
Headless Horseman - Blood Drop
BOAN - Freak Snake
Alessandro Parisi - Calamitas Calamitarum
High-Functioning Flesh - Touch Oblivion Icon
Nine Inch Nails - Down in It
Gost - Cascade

Tags: mix illusions cutups dark
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friday november 13th 2015


Terrorhythm / Rinse FM - UK
A genuine innovator of dubstep and grime, Plastician fearlessly pushes forward his hybrid rap and electronic sound. Between his Terrorhythm label and his popular RINSE FM show he is one of the top tastemakers in worldwide bass music.

plus resident djs

$10 / 10PM - 2AM / 21+

at the 
4104 Penn Avee
Pittsburgh, PA

Presale tickets:

Check out our new BLAST OFF mix series for a taste of what you hear at LC and upcoming guests:

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friday june 12th


7th Anniversary Party 

For the past seven years, we've been bringing the music we love to the city we love: Pittsburgh. 
Tonight we celebrate the anniversary of LAZERCRUNK as well as our city with a night of anything-goes 
heavy bass and a special collaboration with visual artist Projectile Objects.

with resident selectors

$5 cover / 10PM - 2AM / 21+

at brillobox
4104 Penn Ave

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I'll be DJING on WRCT 88.3 Sat June 15th 2015. 3PM - 5PMish, for the DETOUR & CO radio show.

voices from the lake - dreamscape generation
atilla - ritos funebres
kangding ray - serendipity march
kerridge - GOFD
hecq - nihilum
noisia - incessant
signs - vermin
kela - kosmos
shaddah tuum - merkabah
moresounds - altercations
machinecode - a thousand tales
richard devine - block, variation
the sect - xylem
blanck mass - no litehante - the storm
tzusing - 4 floors of whores
rrose - pentagons
future - side effects (dead remix)
maelstrom - genome
le dom - oazis (liar optimix)
korma - orlog (liar optimix)
zola jesus - go (blank sea) [xanopticon remix]
cti - future shock (chris carter, cosey, fanni tutti, monte cazazza)
m500 - future (instrumental)
cyberkatif - temper (extended mix)
bigod20 - body to body
minstry - nature of outtakes
skinny puppy - testure 12" mix
doubting thomas - father don't cry
alden tyrell - disco lundar module (remix)
the hedgehog affair - second rush
criminal minds - baptized by dub
dj red alert + mike slammer - master dub
interface - toytown ep B1
dj seduction - come on
the house crew - nino's dream
eq - total xtacy
krome & time - the slammer
ilsa gold - silke (space cube remix)

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60 min mix of splatterbreaks, breakcore, braindance, acid and rave

mixed out of my crates from the excellent ULTRA MEGA AWESOME EXTREME 8

zola jesus - go (blank_sea) [xanopticon_rmx]
broken haze - wizard eyes vip
squarepusher - stor eiglass
daed - rectrec4
monster x - cantor dust remix
paul cronin - hold it
pzg & dubsknit - forced mass
goreshit - ring trapper
danecdote - slugasalt
objekt - ganzfield
glass figure - cold eyes
hostage - sudden death
techdiff - positronic meltdown
reizoko cj - micro
sudanim - pleasure flood (amotion remix)
xyqph - ascend!
igorr & ruby my dear - cuisse
babyshaker - mosquito
morihiro - angry-girl
maruosa - muur
coprolalia intoxication - bonjour tristesse
gizmode - snaregasm
charly linch - puttin back the cock in drum & bass
satan - i will destroy
aphex twin - minipops 67 [source field mix]
umio - high viscosity chocolate
rotteen - vectleggendaria

Tags: mix breakcore idm hardcore
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Stoked to be playing and attending this fest in Detroit. Tons of great people involved!
RSVP / More info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/378865378958955/
This is it!
The 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of Michigan’s biggest, best and most affordable extreme music showcase: ULTRA MEGA AWESOME EXTREME!
We’ve pulled out all the stops to ensure that UMAE8 is on your “best parties of 2015″ list!
Don’t let your friends rub it in your face how much fun it was!
The Sanctuary
1501 E Outer Drive
Detroit, MI 48234
[Map: https://goo.gl/maps/1hP6P]
Doors at 9:00pm.
Music will begin promptly at 9:30pm.
We try to keep these events inexpensive so that everyone gets a chance to attend.
Door profits help with gas for touring artists, labor and sustaining the awesome venues we work with.
Keep your drinks (21+) inside, please.
No smoking inside or in front of the building.
20 minute sets from 14 insane (local and touring) live acts!
All killer! No filler!
Fully transformed space by Eric Stephenson & Vincent Trotto.
Video projections by Walk In Circles & Ohhinaifu.
Web/print fliers by Andrea Befunderbunk.
Video flier for UMAE8 by Tony Miller.
Watch & share: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oo5BcANzmls
Pictures, audio & video from previous UMAE events at:
You too can help make this event awesome by spreading the word and inviting your friends!
Here’s the lineup:
8cylinder (Pittsburgh, PA) [http://rhinoplex.org/8cylinder]
Hacker, maker, coder and musician, 8cylinder, is a well-rounded example of contemporary DIY aesthetics who is sure to excite the earbuds with his raw, pounding alien sounds.
Cutups (Pittsburgh, PA) [http://codex.cutupsmethod.com/]
Pittsburgh mainstay, Cutups, is an events curator, one man record distro and DJ who’s been keeping parties hype since the ’90s with his extensive knowledge of quite literally all spectrums of music.
Decide Today (Cincinnati, OH) [http://realicide.bigcartel.com/]
Cincinnati DIY anarcho hardcore. Radical sound to match radical message!!!
Detroit Party Marching Band (Detroit, MI) [https://www.facebook.com/DetroitPartyMarchingBand]
The Detroit Party Marching Band is an ever-evolving collective of Detroit area musicians devoted to unanticipated revelry, driving jams and the power of the un-amplified horn blast.
Divtech (Nomadic) [http://divtech.bandcamp.com/]
Abrasive beats for social change and the creation of positive alternate realities, because this one is hell.
Hobert Europe (Detroit, MI) [https://soundcloud.com/hoberteurope]
From the ashes by special request for a last man standing breakcore set.
Kkrusty (Chicago, IL) [http://soundcloud.com/kkrusty]
Kkrusty mixes sometimes sweet, sometimes epic melodies, pounding, danceable rhythms that can turn any room into a frothing mess of nuclear gleeful madness!
Mavis Concave (Cincinnati, OH) [http://mavisconcave.bandcamp.com/]
Ex-Realicide drum machinist, recently back in the game after a 4+ year hiatus. Broken beat digital hardcore meets future bass and sound collages. “OX the BASS!”
Mike Bison (Detroit, MI)
Killer drum n’ Atari duo returns after an extended hiatus to put you on your ass!
Saskrotch (Chicago, IL) [http://saskrotch.bandcamp.com/]
Musician, double label manager, and self proclaimed King of Chipbreak, Nigel Shields, AKA Saskrotch, is a lovely young man from the village of almost-Chicago.
Scissor Now (Ann Arbor, MI) [http://www.myspace.com/scissorscissornow]
Female-fronted Ann Arbor prog/punk supergroup.
Snesei (Detroit, MI) [https://soundcloud.com/snesei]
The go-to-guy for danceable chiptune, Snesei will be bringing to us what he refers to as “cute melodies over dank ass saw waves.”
Super Thing (Ypsilanti, MI) [https://www.facebook.com/SuperThingYpsi]
A psych/doom chimera formed by two young men from Ypsilanti.
The Amino Acids (Detroit, MI) [http://www.weirdsvillerecords.com/]
Crash landed on this blue planet in your year 1965. Met J.R.”Bob” Dobbs, who told them to come back in semi-human form in 
1998 and destroy the PINKS and NORMALS with AMINO-RAWK.

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Sat May 16th
7PM - 2AM

the pittsburgh DJ lobby will be in full effect sautrday may 16 for a night of music in support of natalia rudiak in her quest to be our next city controller. 
 learn more about her and the job of controller (pretty important actually) at http://nataliarudiak.com/

this event is free.


Spirit Hall (242 51st St., Lawerenceville)

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SHARK TANK is the collaboration of LORD GRUNGE (from Grand Buffet), B.RICH (Canadian Youtube sensation), and HEIGHT (underground indie-rap legend). this show is their first in Pittsburgh since 2013, and they’re celebrating the release of their new banger, DON’T FUCK WITH US. the first 50 people through the door will get a copy for FREE!

WITH SPECIAL GUESTS (releasing their new CD):
WEIRD PAUL & BEN BLANCHARD are one half of the Weird Paul Rock Band. They also comprise the duo called Weird Paul & Ben Blanchard. In 2010, they released their first album, POLICE BAFFLED, PUBLIC AROUSED. It immediately went totally unnoticed, except for the Pittsburgh City Paper, which didn't really have anything good to say about it. Not deterred in any way at all, they are now releasing their follow-up album, PP2BB. It is sure to go even more unnoticed, since they are not sending one to the Pittsburgh City Paper.

AND there’ll be sick DJ sets by local DJ hero CUTUPS and from Austin, TX, DJ JESTER THE FILIPINO FIST.

show is 8 bucks and 21 and up.

Hide Map
4104 Penn Ave, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15224

RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/449119011912658/

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Tenth mix in the ILLUSIONS mix series.
mixed by cutups

featuring the best of new and classic dark dancefloor sounds
occult techno, cosmic disco, post punk, death rock, witch house minimal wave, shimmering bass, haunted pop, dark alternative, etc.

More info: hauntedshit.com/events/illusions/

diamanda galas - the litanies of satan
mahr - seven pillars of the dweller
lakker - mountain divide
black rain - xibalba road metamorph
synthamesk - evil
cyphr - sirena
dark0 - mako march
slasher dave - half past midnight
nostalgic fantasy - angels of the night
dispondant - ghost mechanism
house of black lanterns - you, me, metropolis
red army - creature dub
post no bill - whatever
source direct - stonekiller
killing sound - $ixx harmonie$ version
creeper - winter intervals
gesaffelstein - hellifornia
ice cube & dr dre - natural born killaz
survive - parousia
vt - bludgeoned
saddest boy alive - 自殺
the hunt - the abomination
perturbator - i am the night
lust for youth - new boys
white car - in the second month of the year
oake - sehtohree diin chromtas vehn
lorn - oxbow b
the stranger - past is past

Tags: cutups audio mix illusions goth
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RIP FUZZ 2001-2014

Tags: 412dnb fuzz
Updated Tue February 17th, 2015 at 02:27 PM by cutups More | Comments (0)

Featuring b2b dj sets and visuals from members of LazerCrunk, Detour, Obvious, Honcho, and VIA.

⊡ new quasi-secret location
⊡ $10 advance / $15 door
⊡ limited capacity

Presale tixhttps://www.ticketfly.com/purchase/event/728221

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here's my setlist from this night:
arpanet - illuminated displays
body language - when you left
volor flex - backward
ryan hemsworth - snow in newark (chet porter remix)
lido - money (luca lush edition)
djedjotronic - traffic
2nd sun - metro
likhan - boxin
acemo - gat in my lap
cyphr - gloss finish
djedjotronic - abyssal zone
justic - phantom (our time remix)
polar youth - bae (ollygon flip)
color plus & kanyon - whip n flip
salva - 3rd world ft. scottie b and astronomar
astr - blue hawaii (brenmar remix)
mila j - drink smoke breakup
spurz - black locks
p-80 - sherbet land
skittlez w skit
jackal - chinchilla
migos - versace
krne - avalanche
slow magic - waited 4 u (odesza remix)
geotheory - finally
nina las vegas & swick - flash auto
curious kontrol - all this time
stick - queen of hearts
diinch - baby it's you (chromatic remix)
dj sliink x twrk x green lantern - trifecta
tnght - acrylics
row d - i'm a grime kid
ghost mutt - oh boy oh boy
yellow claw - never dies (gent & jawns remix)
lookas - genesis
easy girl - hey girl
aleronics ft migos - figgity figgity fucked up (dubskie x carnage edit)
jawz - after dark
starkey - screwed on (ft. d double e)
nght drps - trippy
louis futon - mojito
og kush - left behind
lux johnson - paradox
diplo - revolution (krne remix)
maxx baer & daffy - summer falls
baauer - one tought (luca lush x dirty chocolate remix)
clams casino - i'm god (p-80 footwork refix)
taso - drop that thang
freeway & girltalk x tycho & com truise - yeah i'm awake (hood internet mashup)
usher - you make me wanna (krne remix)
beach club & relic - charly
dj spinn & taso - burn that kush
yellow claw - dancehall soldier
terrorythmus - jungle tekno
homesick - lolrave
wu tang clan - cream (green lantern remix)
luca lush - shvke
migos - fight night
p-80 - real levels
krane x portrait - chandelier
izy - why

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setlist from TakeOva Tuesdays - Brain Storm w/ Cutups & Keeb$

boards of canada - aquarius
bop - the amazing adventures of one curious pixel
asc - bleep test
helios - first dream called ocean (stray remix)
kharm - white picket fences
synkro & indigo - reflection
illex aside - <<>>
kromestar - v7stx
pixelord - answer (seafloor remix)
ean - i bus the mic
clap! clap! - kug yato
jega - reprise
jon phonics - swamp donkey
lockah & eloq - jupiter
boats - carbonate
objekt - ganzfeld
plaid - oh
pixelord - polygon fane
aleksi perala - rings of saturn
dark0 - 2lips
krampfhaft - dormant code
clap! clap! - the rainstick fable
djemba djemba - i just go (obey city remix)
sudanim - abondance
pixelord - videobar
apparat - montreal
taylor mcferrin - the antidote
plaid - wallet
curve - falling free (aphex twin remix)
clark - superscope
aufgang - dulceria (clark remix)
matthewdavid - the modd is right
caribou - can't do without you
krne x tasty treat - clouds
aphex twin - minipops 67
vhs head - set pieces
anodyne - charon
black rain - data river
vessel - black leaves and fallen branches
arca - 2 blunted
baauer - clank
joker - snake eater (gemmy remix)
boats - minerals

Tags: playlist idm
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at Gus's Bar Pittsburgh
june 5th 2014

joy division - dead souls
shadow of fear - now is the time
dreams in hell - gargoyle alien
police des moeurs - tour ce qui te fait mal te fait du bien
panorama in black - city of the dead
red lorry yellow lorry - walking on your hands
lost tribe - listless mind
dystopian society - violations
logic system - unit
criminal code - mocking shadows
cemetery - grave dance
arctic flowers - double-edged
christian death - romeo's distress
deafear - death bizarre
the kvb - shadows
ritual - mind disease
institute - narrow & straight
fangs on fur - snake
cocteau twins - lorelei
haarps - wastelands of mine
unison - darkness
julianna barwick - labyrinthine
the march violets - lights go out
ancien regime - brief encounter

ministry - revenge
the sisters of mercy - lucretia my reflection
la fete triste - night-gaunts
makeup and vanity set - charles park
moth - obelion disco
killing joke - love like blood
echo and the bunnymen - the killing moon
shriekback - nemesis
depeche mode - ice machine
the adverts - gary gilmore's eyes
bal pare - palais d'amour
siouxie & the banshees - christine
your funeral - i want to be you
bauhaus - dark entries
oto - anyway
adult - nothing of the kind
berlin - the metro
psychedelic furs - the ghost in you
shadow coat - la forme lente
la fete triste - levres froides
a number of names - sharevari
trash groove girls - zero
new order - everything's gone green
stone roses - i wanna be adored (trentmoller remix)
ministry - everyday is halloween
cosmetics - black leather gloves (remix)

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at Gus's in Lawrencville
July 31st 2014

christian death - burnt offerings
rudimentary peni - rotten to the core
the new flesh - only to fall
joy division - disorder
xeno and oaklander - cold forever
futurisk - split second
killing joke - are you recieving
a black people - isolation
nun - evoke the sleep
crimson scarlet - rouged corpse
snowy red - nowhere
clan of xymox - call it weird
spear of destiny - liberator
the chameleons - the fan & the bellows
arctic flowers - double-edged
distopian society - masquerade
martin l gore - compulsion
cetu javu - situations
simona buja - passing masks
ministry - i wanted to tell her
stereo - somewhere in the night
depeche mode - i sometime wish i was dead
gatekeeper - obsidian
pictureplane - black nails
crystal castles - affection
h0rd - rflx
dolina - to be scared
guardian - thirst
tannhauser gate - obsession
bauhaus - kick in the eye
asylum party - julia
the soft moon - we are we
the sisters of mercy - lucretia my reflection
inhalt - occupations
light asylum - dark allies
the cure - the walk
la fete triste - night gaunts
dystopian society - no hope
criminal code - flagstone

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EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/646007558848208/
LAZERCRUNK w/ HxdB (Vancouver), Cutups & Keeb$

louis futon - silk (kill paris remix)
mr carmack - hopscotch
apashe - no twerk
lorde - million dollar bills (easy girl remix)
dj pierre - box energy (afx remix)
6blocc - check the step (abstract)
PIXELORD - answer (seafloor remix)
sophie - hard
big dope p x honey cocaine - a.g.e. 2k14
dj paypal x ticklish - worst behavior
Buku - cake dough cheddar
s-type - lost girls
alison wonderland - i want you (ganz flip)
yellow claw & yung felix - no flex zone
pixelord - polygon fane
ricky blaze - take ya money (yellow claw remix)
antiserum x mayhem - brick squad anthem (bentz remix)
tiger fresh - slang regression
dza x kidkanevil - scarecrow
sudanim - abondance
pixelord - videobar
kustom x bentz - on the block (8er$ remix)
krne / portrait - saturn
edgewoode & manikan - riding round 258
Cashmere Cat - with me (infuze remix)
chromeo - jealous (i ain't with it) (dj hoodboi remix)

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Eighth mix in the split mix series from Cutups & Keeb$. Each dj presents a mega mix of cutting edge mashed up and multi-genre bass music. Stream or download a copy here from soundcloud, or show up for Lazercrunk on Friday August 15th to grab a copy of the CD

We do a monthly night on 2nd Friday's at the Brillobox (4104 Penn Ave) in Pittsburgh, were we feature a fresh selection of guest djs across the spectrum of fun, cutting edge bass music.

For bookings contact paperstackers@gmail.com.

This mix was recorded by Cutups aka Geoff Maddock - geoff.maddock@gmail.com.

Cutups - Stackin Paper Vol. 8 mix
pomo - aerobix
kaytranada - at all
watermat - bullit
young thug - treasure
fisky - m stabs
destiny's child - say my name (chloe martini jersey club remix)
maxx baer - automatic (alexandre remix)
nadus - nwxrk
broken haze - air castles
boeboe - we feelin' (parkinson white flip)
starkey - attack
deon custom - aurora
rl grime x what so not - tell me (ganz flip)
parkinson white & kyle cook - saphire
813 - glow spray
brenmar - all this green feat. maluca and mykki blanco
druthers and drips - hit em (sinistarr remix)
funkystepz - amsterdam, girls go wild (big dope p remix)
gillepsy - esc
ticklish - neverever
footmerc - you liiiieeeeed 2 meh
dcup - don't be shy (wave racer remix)
tielsie - palette

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OBX 2014

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Flesh Lathe
mix by cutups recorded 02/01/13 download mp3

An off the cuff mix of new bone mashing and flesh rendering hard sounds from the underground. 

mindbuffer - ghost in the shell 
phat chex - puxton bridge 
boys noize & erol alkan - avalanche (canblaster remix) 
bombardier - wolves 
terminal 11 - hij (xanopticon remix) 
dimentia - nightside 
lorn - diamond 
dimentia - incense 
somatic responses - wherever 
monster x - prowler 
techdiff - infinite corner (encanti remix) 
wmx - percept sequence 
deathface - slaughter pact 
hosmoz - vulva 
vaetxh - recursion tree 
eomac - slide fx 
subeena - dereflex 
synthamesk - drown 
mds & ghost - arctic 
errorbeauty - z~orgon 
millepede - deepest peace (disturbed as hecq remix) 
detest - sunburn 
dr bastardo - the bitter end 
enduser - cvlts (remix) 
stazma - alarm 
brokennvep - keep your ears up 
dj skull vomit - antigoon (gore tech gut sucking remix) 
satan - sin flesh, sick flesh 
hitori tori - trife knife 
rotator - no surrenda!!! 
p-r-z - bitcrusher moon (klitorix lost ina space mix) 
divtech - manufactured discontent 

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StackinPaper Vol. 7 - Back 2 The Future

Here’s the seventh mix in our STACKIN PAPER series that we’ve been putting out on periodic basis since 2007 as a dual-mix audio CD. The CD has a mega-mix each from Cutups & Keeb$, resident djs at the LAZERCRUNK monthly, and usually runs along the lines of mixed up fun tunes that we play at that night. This time we went with a “Back to the Future” theme – Todd put together his set of current new and unreleased future bass, dubstep, and trap, and with this mix I went with the concept of “what if” i was recoding this mix in 1992 – its a blend of early 90s pop, uk hardcore rave and gangsta rap. Enjoy!

Cutups mix

DIRECT: StackinPaper7-Cutups-Final-320.mp3

DIRECT: StackinPaper7-Cutups-Final-320.mp3

Public Enemy – Welcome To the Terrordome
DJ Phantasy – Hippodrome
P.M. Dawn – Set Adrift Of Memory Bliss
Psychotropic – Hypnosis (SL2 remix)
Eric B. & Rakim – Don’t Sweat The Technique
LSDJ-E – Let The Rhythm Take You
LL Cool J – Mama Said Knock You Out
Sonz Of A Loop Da Loop Era – Far Out
Kon Kan – I Beg Your Pardon (12″ Remix)
Suburban Base – Sound of the Phuture
Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch – Good Vibrations
DJ Royal and DJ XL – Turntable Overload
Young Black Teenagers – Tap The Bottle
Urban Hype – A Trip to Trumpton
N.W.A. – Straight Outta Compton
Kaotic Chemistry – Illegal Subs (Krome & Time remix)
MC Hammer – U Can’t Touch This
Terrorize – Feel The Rhythm
Bizarre Inc – I’m Gonna Get You
Geto Boyz – Anotha Nigga In the Morgue
Krome & Time – Manic Stampede
Queen Latifah – Ladies First
Acen – Trip II The Moon

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For month four, we shift gears as Humanaut hands the keys over to one of the most respected music men in Pittsburgh: CUTUPS (AKA Geoff Maddock). Over the years, Geoff has worked tirelessly to bring a huge variety of cutting-edge music through this city. Join us as he highlights some of the best artists from the region in another round of Belvedere's dance floor punishment.


"When Humanaut crew asked me to plan an instance of their new but already smashing Out of Order night, I jumped at the chance. They always bring a high production value to their shows and have commanded alot of respect among the informed dance music crowd in pittsburgh. It was fun to put together a lineup that would rep my own tastes, but also be a hit at a Humanaut party.

Jason Burns immediately came to mind as somebody I'd like to play this night. He's one of Cleveland's originals in the dubstep scene, both as a dj for regular nights and one offs, a producer who's been getting play all over ("Back 2 You" was one of XLR8Rs top 100 Downloads of 2011), and co-promoter bringing in top acts in the genre for more than a few years. His style leans heavily to the deeper, soulful end of the spectrum, but he doesn't really limit himself to one style or mood, other than just playing top notch tunes.

Vasculator is a long time fan, electronic hardware geek, and producer of techno and left field electronic music, but has existed mostly on the fringes of pittsburgh's scene. He's been a collaborator with the Technoir Audio crew doing live techno, toured doing modular synth work with
industrial act Prometheus Burning, and played blistering original breakcore live sets in Detroit and the west coast. This time he's doing and all new stripped down techno live set that combines his digital and analog gear.

I was looking for one more guest to round out the night, when I remembered that Jose "Mr. Hamilton" was looking to put together a classic IDM set. You may know him from his live sets as Mr. Hamilton or as part of Ekofield, or his deep house sets at various spots around town, but he's also a big fan of left field electronic music and will be opening up with a set of 90s/ early 2000's selections.



Jason Burns [Savory Audio, Brapdem, Cleveland]
Vasculator [live] [Lightwork, Void]
Cutups [Wrecked, Fuzz, Lazercrunk, Illusions]
Mr. Hamilton [Cosmic Mafia, 90's IDM set]

- Four-corner Impact Audio sound rig.
- The beat drops at 9pm.
- $5 cover starts at 10pm.
- The night ends at 2am.

Drink special:
$2 Iron City Special 10-12
$3 Well drinks all night


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DOWNLOAD: http://cutupsmethod.com/audio/mixes/thundertroll/cutups-thundertroll-320.mp3

A mix of 90s era gabber anthems, focusing on some of the most absurd jams.

The Stunned Guys - Hymn
Boombastic - One Love
DJ Gizmo - 2 The Resque
Davie Forbes - Apocalypse Now
DJ E-Rock & Tactic - Bring the Noise
The Scotchman - Happy Vibes
Sonicdriver - In Your Arms Tonight
Body Lotion - Always Hardcore
Wedlock - I'm the Fuck You Man
Annihilator - Realm of Darkness
Paul Elstak - Pump The Party
Cybernators - Funky Tales
DJ Pagan - Mister Mister Scarface
Paul Elstak - You're a Hardcore Hooligan
Predator - Mind of A Lunatic
Juggernaut - Don't Fuck With a Ruffneck
The Judges feat. DJ Promo - Blastin' the System
Chosen Few - Name of the DJ
3 Steps Ahead - Paint It Black
Bodylotion - Watte Dan
Da Beatblower - Fuck Your S Off
Tellurian - Squash the Floor
Evil Maniax - Psychopath
DJ Isaac - I Wanna Be a Gabber Baby
Gabber Piet - Love U Hardcore (Hardcore Mix)
Lords of the Underworld - Hardcore Dance
Rob Gee & Ralphie Dee - Mellow Message
Wasting Program - Jazz Sacrilege
DJ Gizmo - The Dope Man (DJ Buzz Fuzz remix)
Public Domain - So Get Up (Jeremy mix)
DJ Delerium - THe Sound of the Beast (Rob Gee remix)
Lords of the Underworld - Loose Control
Bodylotion - Ik Wil Hakke
Syndicate - Appetite For Destruction

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saturday january 7th


occult cosmic dance ritual

featuring a live set from special guest

synth pop / dark disco / dream wave

plus guest
neon 80's night / dark 80's jams

and audio and video selections from
cutups, tella and vaneck

featuring the best of new and classic dark dancefloor sounds
occult techno, cosmic disco, post punk, death rock, witch house
minimal wave, shimmering bass, haunted pop, dark alternative, etc.

downstairs at Cattivo 146 44th St.
Two blocks off Butler St, Lawrenceville.

9PM - 2AM. $5 Cover. 21+

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Sixth mix in the Stackin Paper series, which we put out in collaboration with Wonderful Life clothing. The CD has a 
mega-mix each from Cutups & Keeb$, resident djs at the LAZERCRUNK monthly. The styles touch everything from r&b to 
dubstep, to funky garage, rave, juke, crunk and other mashed up, fun party jams.

More info:

Download here:
Cutups http://cutupsmethod.com/audio/mixes/stackinpaper6/cutups-stackinpaper6-320.mp3

r. kelly - rollin'
clicks & whistles - cranberry goose
donaeo - check my swagga out
high powered boys - udon
lunice - fancy forty (rustie rmx)
weez-ie - keep yer chin up (salva remix)
the naked and famous - young blood (futurecop remix)
kissy sell out - joanna (figure remix)
emeli sande - heaven (pyramid re-fix)
dubbel dutch - b leave
beyonce - run the world (dj sega remix)
gold panda - marriage (star slinger remix)
joker - my trance girl
uncle murda - warning (the town edit)
grizzly j - kicksville
la da boomman w/ tity boi and yo gotti - up in here (mayhem bootleg)
gucci mane ft waka flocka flame - pacman
krampfhaft - i needed you
boylan - mystery
ciara - deuces (dubbel dutch rmx)
tango & ratty - tales from the darkside
childish gambino - freaks & geeks (star slinger remix)
Blakkk Jesus - one kid (feat. nicki minaj, sleigh bells and swedish house mafia)

Obi Blanche - Just Ask It
Drop the Lime - Bourbon Blitz
Xcuse Feat. Ayarcana - All right
Ursa Major - Blacklight
Peace - Sunburst
Jason Burns - Leave Me Alone
Sduk - YouNyt
Gladkill - Return To Form
Nasty Nasty - The Goalie
Project Pat Feat. Tity Boi - Money Mane Remix
Dem Slackers Feat. Stezo - Swagger (Tigorilla Remix)
Young Chris Feat. Future - Racks (Feat. Future)
Sheila D - Ballin Like I'm Diddy
Clicks & Whistles - Cranberry Juice (Distal Remix)
Skream - i <3 U So
Chris B - On The Grind

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LazerCrunk is a club night that takes place the first thursday
of every month at the Brillobox, in Pittsburgh, PA.

The idea of the night is to mix up fun, cutting edge post-genre dance music:
electro crunk, new rave, street bass, indie dance, b-more bashment,
robot rock, toxic dancehall, soul refixes, party mashup sounds, etc.

After working together on many different projects going back
to the rave days at the end of the 90s, we started some random one offs under the StackinPaper name in 2007, 
to focus on fun events that weren't genre specific. When a night freed up at the Brillobox, we started Lazercrunk
 in June 2008, keeping a similar idea of doing FUN, mixed up nights with guests who were doing the same.

12/1 B.BRAVO (Frite Nite, SF)

past lazercrunk nights

11/3/11 CLICKS & WHISTLES (Embassy, NC)
9/29/11 Dr Edwyn and Jx4 (PGH)
9/1/11 Cosmic Revenge (Frite Nite, SF)
8/13/11 Still Life (BASED, Cleveland)
7/3/11 LAZERCRUNK: FUCK YEAH! w/ Chrissy Murderbot (PlanetMu, Chicago)
- no june date we did get weird instead -
5/5/11 EAT CAKE LIKE A BOSS w/ Hank D (PGH)
4/7/11 MOCHIPET (DalyCity, SF)
2/3/11 UDACHI (Nightshifters / PartyLikeUs NYC)
1/6/11 B.RICH (Party Like Us, PGH)

12/5/10 FREDDY TODD (Simplify - Detroit)
11/4/10 Victor Hugonot & Noetic5000
10/7/10 DUBBEL DUTCH (Palms Out - Austin)
9/2/10 RED FOX & DEVNULL (<3THROB, Boston)
7/1/10 LAZERCOLA w/ Rx (Pfunkt) & Kid Cassady
6/4/10 SOPHOMORE DANCE w/ Ed Um & Ace-C
5/6/10 DEATHFACE (T&B - NYC)
4/17/10 TOMB CREW (UK)
4/1/10 *THE PICKLE!!!* w/ DJ NUGGET (PGH)
2/19/10 KANJI KINETIC (UK) w/ Ekofield + DJs @ Brillobox
2/4/10 TIGHTEN UP (Houston & Illy MC) - DC/Philly
1/7/10 Hearts of Darknesses vs Girltalk DJ set (NY/PGH)

11/5/09 B.RICH (Party Like Us - Pgh!)
10/1/09 DEV79 (Seclusiasis - Street Bass - Philly)
9/3/09 EMYND (Philly, crossfadedbacon.com)
8/1/09 LAZERCRUNK Cool Weekend Party w/ Dan Dabber & Depth
7/2/09 NATE DAY (LA) & ILLY MC (PHI)
5/7/09 RRRUMP (ATLANTA) - Keeb$ B-Day Party
4/16/09 DIPLO w/ LC, Nugget, Commonwealth Fam @ Diesel
3/19/09 *B*LAZERCRUNK w/ Party With A Capitol P
1/15/09 LAZERCRUNK "Foam Party" w/ Temisan Adoki

12/18/08 MATH HEAD (NYC)
11/20/08 E-SIX & ROAN (CHI)
10/16/08 LET ME RIDE (PHI)
9/18/08 LAZER-TAG-TEAM w/ rukkus, doverspike, natty boh and rar kelly
6/19/08 LAZERCRUNK! BLAST-OFF w/ Cutups & Keeb$

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FUZZ is a weekly drum and bass night that has been happening at the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern since
May of 2000.   It's all about bass, beer and pierogis.   We bring in local, national and international djs,
who play along with our crew of 412DNB resident djs.   It's mainly been drum and bass, but you're just 
as likely to hear other sounds in the breakbeat and bass family, from dubstep, hiphop, idm, breakcore, garage, etc.

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