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a 107 mix recorded for Cosmic Sound.

Strains of cyber-grime, mutant technoid sounds and jarring rhythmic tessellations.

paul jabanasam - search another 3Hφ˙ = lose you i) place i=0 doubt I V (φ) am ∝ exp( √ 16π to meet you again pm² P φ
the sprawl - from wetware to software
ling - canthem
angel-ho - auto shade
munguugnum - ancient alients
sudanim - lightmare
timbah - my head
acre - flash speed
spurz - ornate reflex 
mutual friend - perfection (liar optimix)
mutual friend - cylinder
tsunga - masstext
bob traxx - devil drumzz
cassini - fermi
akkord - typeface
duct - it's jungle (flex remix)
phat chex - puxton bridge
maelstrom - the line
logos & mumdance - dance energy (89 mix)
robotiko rejekto - rejekto
tgt (the genetic terrorists) - revo (eon mix)
otik - emphasis (liar optimix)
ontal - sojutsy
dehousy - manda le (liar optimix
sudanim - sideman
lorn - mount kwaku
marcx - caged
lydes - leaving thrice
dreem tran - deus ex mechana
rabit - so clean (drippin remix)
dark0 - amethyst
gundam - sniper wolf (logos + mumdance mash)
wiley - from the outside (special request vip)
korma - orloj (liar optimix)
hypersport ltd - muta8
loom - boy racer
iljuswifmo - alcala
particle - absolute zero
partisan - magma
bloom - gquartz (starkey remix)
elf kid - gosh (boylan mix)
special request - tractor beam
basic rhythm - raw basics
seablaze - shimikaze
duckett - lightning storm
alix perez - u 
c mantle - shrouder
somatic responses - pattern 2.6
fracture - black pearl
rabit - tearz

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EVENT: https://www.facebook.com/events/646007558848208/
LAZERCRUNK w/ HxdB (Vancouver), Cutups & Keeb$

louis futon - silk (kill paris remix)
mr carmack - hopscotch
apashe - no twerk
lorde - million dollar bills (easy girl remix)
dj pierre - box energy (afx remix)
6blocc - check the step (abstract)
PIXELORD - answer (seafloor remix)
sophie - hard
big dope p x honey cocaine - a.g.e. 2k14
dj paypal x ticklish - worst behavior
Buku - cake dough cheddar
s-type - lost girls
alison wonderland - i want you (ganz flip)
yellow claw & yung felix - no flex zone
pixelord - polygon fane
ricky blaze - take ya money (yellow claw remix)
antiserum x mayhem - brick squad anthem (bentz remix)
tiger fresh - slang regression
dza x kidkanevil - scarecrow
sudanim - abondance
pixelord - videobar
kustom x bentz - on the block (8er$ remix)
krne / portrait - saturn
edgewoode & manikan - riding round 258
Cashmere Cat - with me (infuze remix)
chromeo - jealous (i ain't with it) (dj hoodboi remix)

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Eighth mix in the split mix series from Cutups & Keeb$. Each dj presents a mega mix of cutting edge mashed up and multi-genre bass music. Stream or download a copy here from soundcloud, or show up for Lazercrunk on Friday August 15th to grab a copy of the CD

We do a monthly night on 2nd Friday's at the Brillobox (4104 Penn Ave) in Pittsburgh, were we feature a fresh selection of guest djs across the spectrum of fun, cutting edge bass music.

For bookings contact paperstackers@gmail.com.

This mix was recorded by Cutups aka Geoff Maddock - geoff.maddock@gmail.com.

Cutups - Stackin Paper Vol. 8 mix
pomo - aerobix
kaytranada - at all
watermat - bullit
young thug - treasure
fisky - m stabs
destiny's child - say my name (chloe martini jersey club remix)
maxx baer - automatic (alexandre remix)
nadus - nwxrk
broken haze - air castles
boeboe - we feelin' (parkinson white flip)
starkey - attack
deon custom - aurora
rl grime x what so not - tell me (ganz flip)
parkinson white & kyle cook - saphire
813 - glow spray
brenmar - all this green feat. maluca and mykki blanco
druthers and drips - hit em (sinistarr remix)
funkystepz - amsterdam, girls go wild (big dope p remix)
gillepsy - esc
ticklish - neverever
footmerc - you liiiieeeeed 2 meh
dcup - don't be shy (wave racer remix)
tielsie - palette

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LazerCrunk is a club night that takes place the first thursday
of every month at the Brillobox, in Pittsburgh, PA.

The idea of the night is to mix up fun, cutting edge post-genre dance music:
electro crunk, new rave, street bass, indie dance, b-more bashment,
robot rock, toxic dancehall, soul refixes, party mashup sounds, etc.

After working together on many different projects going back
to the rave days at the end of the 90s, we started some random one offs under the StackinPaper name in 2007, 
to focus on fun events that weren't genre specific. When a night freed up at the Brillobox, we started Lazercrunk
 in June 2008, keeping a similar idea of doing FUN, mixed up nights with guests who were doing the same.

12/1 B.BRAVO (Frite Nite, SF)

past lazercrunk nights

11/3/11 CLICKS & WHISTLES (Embassy, NC)
9/29/11 Dr Edwyn and Jx4 (PGH)
9/1/11 Cosmic Revenge (Frite Nite, SF)
8/13/11 Still Life (BASED, Cleveland)
7/3/11 LAZERCRUNK: FUCK YEAH! w/ Chrissy Murderbot (PlanetMu, Chicago)
- no june date we did get weird instead -
5/5/11 EAT CAKE LIKE A BOSS w/ Hank D (PGH)
4/7/11 MOCHIPET (DalyCity, SF)
2/3/11 UDACHI (Nightshifters / PartyLikeUs NYC)
1/6/11 B.RICH (Party Like Us, PGH)

12/5/10 FREDDY TODD (Simplify - Detroit)
11/4/10 Victor Hugonot & Noetic5000
10/7/10 DUBBEL DUTCH (Palms Out - Austin)
9/2/10 RED FOX & DEVNULL (<3THROB, Boston)
7/1/10 LAZERCOLA w/ Rx (Pfunkt) & Kid Cassady
6/4/10 SOPHOMORE DANCE w/ Ed Um & Ace-C
5/6/10 DEATHFACE (T&B - NYC)
4/17/10 TOMB CREW (UK)
4/1/10 *THE PICKLE!!!* w/ DJ NUGGET (PGH)
2/19/10 KANJI KINETIC (UK) w/ Ekofield + DJs @ Brillobox
2/4/10 TIGHTEN UP (Houston & Illy MC) - DC/Philly
1/7/10 Hearts of Darknesses vs Girltalk DJ set (NY/PGH)

11/5/09 B.RICH (Party Like Us - Pgh!)
10/1/09 DEV79 (Seclusiasis - Street Bass - Philly)
9/3/09 EMYND (Philly, crossfadedbacon.com)
8/1/09 LAZERCRUNK Cool Weekend Party w/ Dan Dabber & Depth
7/2/09 NATE DAY (LA) & ILLY MC (PHI)
5/7/09 RRRUMP (ATLANTA) - Keeb$ B-Day Party
4/16/09 DIPLO w/ LC, Nugget, Commonwealth Fam @ Diesel
3/19/09 *B*LAZERCRUNK w/ Party With A Capitol P
1/15/09 LAZERCRUNK "Foam Party" w/ Temisan Adoki

12/18/08 MATH HEAD (NYC)
11/20/08 E-SIX & ROAN (CHI)
10/16/08 LET ME RIDE (PHI)
9/18/08 LAZER-TAG-TEAM w/ rukkus, doverspike, natty boh and rar kelly
6/19/08 LAZERCRUNK! BLAST-OFF w/ Cutups & Keeb$

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Cutups - Tomb Swag mix

90 mins of witch house, minimal wave, horror core

Gravediggaz - Graveyard Chamber
Vagina Vangi - Servants of Death
▲aimon - Amen
White Car - Spread Spit Slap
Balam acab - Dream Out
Ritualz - Third Eye Sixth Sense
Nika + Rory - I'm Not Going Anywhere
Gatekeeper - Wave Design
College - Gate Number 5
Redial - Deadrising
Teeel - Galilean Moons
Night Gallery - Constant Struggle
Cosmetics - Black Leather Gloves (Cosmetics / Premier Rang remake)
Indian Jewelry - Diamond Things
Crystal Castles feat. Robert Smith - Not in Love (Sane Smith remix)
Tense - Turn It Off (Valis remix)
Fever Ray - Triangle Walks (Rex the Dog remix)
Victrola - Maritime Tatami
Stereo - Somewhere in the Night
Soft Metals - Voices
Gatekeeper - Giza
Ou Est Le Swimming Pool - Jackson's Last Stand
Ritualz - Laguna
White Ring - Suffocation
~▲†▲~ - Stickweed Houses
Lordana - Rain Rain (Posesion)
Party Trash - Diamond
▲aimon - Circle Plus Star Waves Square
Magick Mountain - One for My Ego (Holy Other remix)
Tricky - Hell is Round the Corner
▲▲▲ - Rreevviivvaall
oOoOO - Seaww
Salem - King Night
Deathface - The Horror
Dialect - Sick of Her
White ring - IXC999
Vektroid - Nobody Here
Yeasayer - The Children
▲▲▲ - •••
Tense - The Chain
Dead Virgin - Watver
Distance - Fading
Asobi Seksu - Trails (Holy Other remix)
Groundislava - Creeper Shit

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the latest in our split mix series


thug-step, blasted electro, rave-more, remix party bass etc.

Cutups' mix - 35 min - 256kbps mp3

bloody beetroots - yeah boy
lil wayne - lollipop (nasty ways remix)
joker - gully brook lane
trina - get loose
16bit - in the death car
emynd feat young chris - we don’t give a fuck (cousin cole edit)
yolk - bish bosh
dj class feat lil jon - i’m the ish (remix)
emynd - reach out
foreign beggers - hit that gash (itchy nan re-rub)
act yo age - lucky 13
13th floor elevators - your gonna miss you (blasto edit)
project pat - keep it hood (bird peterson remix)
bloody beetroots - warp 1.9
project bassline - drop the pressure (jackbeats remix)
w/ oh snap! - bill cosby sweater (kazey & bulldog remix) (DROP)
fear of tigers - study hard drugs school
dan sena - italofucker (lazrtag remix)
tittsworth - drunk as fuck (meterhead remix)

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thursday december 18th 2008

L A Z E R C R U N K!

super stoked to bring this massive guest from NYC

MATH HEAD (aka Passions)
trouble & bass / palms out / kitsune / nyc
heavy weight bass party jams

plus residents

stackinpaper / lazercrunk

a night of fun, cutting edge post-genre dance music:
electro crunk, new rave, street bass, indie dance, b-more bashment,
robot rock, toxic dancehall, soul refixes, party mashup sounds, etc.

Lazer Crunk takes place every third thursday
at the Brillobox 4104 penn ave, Pittsburgh
$5 cover / 10PM - 2AM / 21+

check out stackinpaper.com for show info, mixes, etc.

a couple math head mixes:

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ragga-dubstep, hardcore soca and other world-mashed sounds 

http://cutupsmethod.com/audio/mixes/mestizorudeboy/cutups-mestizorudeboy.mp3  (backup link)

dusk + blackdown - kuri pataka ft teji & farrah
buraka som sistema - kalemba (hot chip remix)
alphabeat - fantastic 6 (radio clit remix)
bob sinclair - rock this party
radio clit - africa emerge
count of monte cristal - b-more forward
diplo & buraka som sistema - inna de ghetto (remix)
tigerstyle - balle shava (sinden remix)
reso - logical
foamo - everything cool
adele - cold shoulder (rusko remix)
tes la rok - santa claus is lost
leon jean-marie - bring it on (rusko remix)
b.rich - everyday hustle (ac slater remix)
tc - where’s my money (caspa remix)
diplo & buraka som sistema - um milhao
alborosie - kingston town (uproot andy remix)
toddla t- inna di dancehall (count of monte cristal remix)
natty jack - jackin da garage (heavy feet remix)
ghislain poirier - go ballistic ft mc zulu (toddla t & duckbeats remix)
machines don’t care - afro jacker
machines don’t care - soundboy massive (herve & detboi remix)
spragga benz - jack it up (mike mago remix)
zomby - spliff dub (pirate soundsystem remix)
tes la rok - up in the vip
caspa & rusko - rock bottom

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thursday july 27th
stackin paper presents

L A Z E R  C R U N K

a night of fun, cutting edge post-genre dance music:
electro crunk,  new rave, street bass, indie dance,
robot rock, toxic dancehall, soul refixes, party mashup sounds, etc.

with special guest djs
ALIAS and EGYPTRIXX // wide / pottymouth / toronto
dropping a unique blend ghetto, bassline, bmore and fidget house

plus resident djs
CUTUPS and KEEB$ // stackinpaper

Lazer Crunk takes place every third thursday
at the Brillobox 4104 penn ave, Pittsburgh
$3 cover / 10PM - 2AM / 21+

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mix by cutups recorded 03/14/08

download 128k
stream 128k


a mix of nuked electro, bassline garage & dubstep, breakbeat hardcore and a few other fun things tossed in. 
midnight juggernauts - nine lives 
justice - phantom pt. II (soulwax remix)
danger - 11h30 (data remix)
 hail social - heaven (designer drugs remix)
 timbaland - throw it on me (bloody beetroots remix) 
hot pink delorean - freak night 
 girljoy - clip (kanji kinetic remix) 
pirate soundsystem - pssr plunder remix 
 faggot fairys - samo ti (a1 bassline rmx) 
 blend! - here we go again 
 burial - archangel (boy 8 bit's simple re-mix) 
 ltj bukem - demon's theme pt 2 
kid cudi - day 'n' nite (crookers remix) 
big ang vs dirty dame - that jungle thing 
south rakkas crew- mad again (fake blood remix) 
 h two o feat platinum - what's it gonna be (agent x re-rub club mix) 
 ironsoul - you liar
 dynamite mc - rush the dj 
 tes la rok - lickshot
 dizzee rascal - flex (dave spoon mix)
altern-8 - armageddon (cosmo remix) 
 krome & time - the slammer 
 bloody beetroots - i love the bloody beetroots (drop) 
 phuture assassins - future sound (2 bad mice remix) 
 the wise man - 91 trip 
axwell - i found you (high contrast old skool revenge mix) 
murderbot - fi you vip 
 london electricity - hanging rock 
 justin time - here i am
 search & destroy - work it!
 society suckers - zettai remix.

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weird. f+.