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60 min mix of splatterbreaks, breakcore, braindance, acid and rave

mixed out of my crates from the excellent ULTRA MEGA AWESOME EXTREME 8

zola jesus - go (blank_sea) [xanopticon_rmx]
broken haze - wizard eyes vip
squarepusher - stor eiglass
daed - rectrec4
monster x - cantor dust remix
paul cronin - hold it
pzg & dubsknit - forced mass
goreshit - ring trapper
danecdote - slugasalt
objekt - ganzfield
glass figure - cold eyes
hostage - sudden death
techdiff - positronic meltdown
reizoko cj - micro
sudanim - pleasure flood (amotion remix)
xyqph - ascend!
igorr & ruby my dear - cuisse
babyshaker - mosquito
morihiro - angry-girl
maruosa - muur
coprolalia intoxication - bonjour tristesse
gizmode - snaregasm
charly linch - puttin back the cock in drum & bass
satan - i will destroy
aphex twin - minipops 67 [source field mix]
umio - high viscosity chocolate
rotteen - vectleggendaria

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Stoked to be playing and attending this fest in Detroit. Tons of great people involved!
RSVP / More info here: https://www.facebook.com/events/378865378958955/
This is it!
The 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of Michigan’s biggest, best and most affordable extreme music showcase: ULTRA MEGA AWESOME EXTREME!
We’ve pulled out all the stops to ensure that UMAE8 is on your “best parties of 2015″ list!
Don’t let your friends rub it in your face how much fun it was!
The Sanctuary
1501 E Outer Drive
Detroit, MI 48234
[Map: https://goo.gl/maps/1hP6P]
Doors at 9:00pm.
Music will begin promptly at 9:30pm.
We try to keep these events inexpensive so that everyone gets a chance to attend.
Door profits help with gas for touring artists, labor and sustaining the awesome venues we work with.
Keep your drinks (21+) inside, please.
No smoking inside or in front of the building.
20 minute sets from 14 insane (local and touring) live acts!
All killer! No filler!
Fully transformed space by Eric Stephenson & Vincent Trotto.
Video projections by Walk In Circles & Ohhinaifu.
Web/print fliers by Andrea Befunderbunk.
Video flier for UMAE8 by Tony Miller.
Watch & share: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oo5BcANzmls
Pictures, audio & video from previous UMAE events at:
You too can help make this event awesome by spreading the word and inviting your friends!
Here’s the lineup:
8cylinder (Pittsburgh, PA) [http://rhinoplex.org/8cylinder]
Hacker, maker, coder and musician, 8cylinder, is a well-rounded example of contemporary DIY aesthetics who is sure to excite the earbuds with his raw, pounding alien sounds.
Cutups (Pittsburgh, PA) [http://codex.cutupsmethod.com/]
Pittsburgh mainstay, Cutups, is an events curator, one man record distro and DJ who’s been keeping parties hype since the ’90s with his extensive knowledge of quite literally all spectrums of music.
Decide Today (Cincinnati, OH) [http://realicide.bigcartel.com/]
Cincinnati DIY anarcho hardcore. Radical sound to match radical message!!!
Detroit Party Marching Band (Detroit, MI) [https://www.facebook.com/DetroitPartyMarchingBand]
The Detroit Party Marching Band is an ever-evolving collective of Detroit area musicians devoted to unanticipated revelry, driving jams and the power of the un-amplified horn blast.
Divtech (Nomadic) [http://divtech.bandcamp.com/]
Abrasive beats for social change and the creation of positive alternate realities, because this one is hell.
Hobert Europe (Detroit, MI) [https://soundcloud.com/hoberteurope]
From the ashes by special request for a last man standing breakcore set.
Kkrusty (Chicago, IL) [http://soundcloud.com/kkrusty]
Kkrusty mixes sometimes sweet, sometimes epic melodies, pounding, danceable rhythms that can turn any room into a frothing mess of nuclear gleeful madness!
Mavis Concave (Cincinnati, OH) [http://mavisconcave.bandcamp.com/]
Ex-Realicide drum machinist, recently back in the game after a 4+ year hiatus. Broken beat digital hardcore meets future bass and sound collages. “OX the BASS!”
Mike Bison (Detroit, MI)
Killer drum n’ Atari duo returns after an extended hiatus to put you on your ass!
Saskrotch (Chicago, IL) [http://saskrotch.bandcamp.com/]
Musician, double label manager, and self proclaimed King of Chipbreak, Nigel Shields, AKA Saskrotch, is a lovely young man from the village of almost-Chicago.
Scissor Now (Ann Arbor, MI) [http://www.myspace.com/scissorscissornow]
Female-fronted Ann Arbor prog/punk supergroup.
Snesei (Detroit, MI) [https://soundcloud.com/snesei]
The go-to-guy for danceable chiptune, Snesei will be bringing to us what he refers to as “cute melodies over dank ass saw waves.”
Super Thing (Ypsilanti, MI) [https://www.facebook.com/SuperThingYpsi]
A psych/doom chimera formed by two young men from Ypsilanti.
The Amino Acids (Detroit, MI) [http://www.weirdsvillerecords.com/]
Crash landed on this blue planet in your year 1965. Met J.R.”Bob” Dobbs, who told them to come back in semi-human form in 
1998 and destroy the PINKS and NORMALS with AMINO-RAWK.

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Flesh Lathe
mix by cutups recorded 02/01/13 download mp3

An off the cuff mix of new bone mashing and flesh rendering hard sounds from the underground. 

mindbuffer - ghost in the shell 
phat chex - puxton bridge 
boys noize & erol alkan - avalanche (canblaster remix) 
bombardier - wolves 
terminal 11 - hij (xanopticon remix) 
dimentia - nightside 
lorn - diamond 
dimentia - incense 
somatic responses - wherever 
monster x - prowler 
techdiff - infinite corner (encanti remix) 
wmx - percept sequence 
deathface - slaughter pact 
hosmoz - vulva 
vaetxh - recursion tree 
eomac - slide fx 
subeena - dereflex 
synthamesk - drown 
mds & ghost - arctic 
errorbeauty - z~orgon 
millepede - deepest peace (disturbed as hecq remix) 
detest - sunburn 
dr bastardo - the bitter end 
enduser - cvlts (remix) 
stazma - alarm 
brokennvep - keep your ears up 
dj skull vomit - antigoon (gore tech gut sucking remix) 
satan - sin flesh, sick flesh 
hitori tori - trife knife 
rotator - no surrenda!!! 
p-r-z - bitcrusher moon (klitorix lost ina space mix) 
divtech - manufactured discontent 

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i'll be in SF this weekend. this party is in oakland!

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friday november 5th 2010
wrecked-distro.com presents

AdNoiseam Records / South London UK
smashing dark dubstep, d&b and breakcore


fromthegut / detroit
dark techno, dubstep, hard broken beat

and locals

live 8-bit influenced hardcore dance

1337 drum and bass, halftime and dubstep

at Belvederes 4016 Butler Street, Pittsburgh PA
$8 cover / 10-2AM / 21+

here's a recent mix full of mostly originals...

'Equinox' Mix featuring tons of Broken Note unreleased material.

http://hauntedshit.com/music/mixes/Broken Note - Equinox Mix.mp3

Pan Volf - Poison [Broken Note Redit]
Broken Note - Flood
Broken Note - Crux
Broken Note - War In The Making
Broken Note - Let Em Hang
Broken Note - Zealot
DMinds - t-10 [Chasing Shadows Remix]
Broken Note - Zound
Broken Note Vs Machine Code - Knuckle Dust
Broken Note - Bad Acid
Broken Note - Meltdown
Dj Hidden & Cooh - Sleepwalkers
Broken Note - Channel Zero

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recorded october 2009
synth drenched industrial rhythms, technoid dubstep, and blackend break gore 

godflesh - like rats
cloaks - against
broken note - let em hang
sully - voidsucka
split horizon - trees
pluge - duty to work (cyp remake)
imminent - teskede
cyp - follow me
monster x - get up to kill
j-stat - twisted diaphram
gizmode - since the crackstep
nero - go back
synthamesk - 4_11 am
stendeck - lullabies from the cliff by the sea
somatic responses - ucircumflex
valav - svetpara
minion - diminution
noisia - stigma
dimentia - diseased language
silent killer - the great machine
diverge & proton kid - heretic
gancher - lekto
rogue element - reality is over rated
current value & limewax - tempest
eprom - evil shit
le jad - a princess on my horse
bit shifter - edit friends
nasenbluten - cut her to bits
overcast - only way in (remix @ 3PM)
ebola - house of flying emo
kraddy - android porn
speedy j - vopak

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wed july 29th
a special FUZZ!


with guest
XANOPTICON (hymen/mutantsniper)
live breakcore!

plus sets from
.Rar Kelly & Natty Boh Peep (subdivision/412dnb - dubstep)
Cutups & Keeb$* (stackinpaper/412dnb/wrecked)

$3 cover / 10PM-2AM / 21+
at the Bloomfield Bridge Tavern
4412 Liberty Ave Pittsburgh

* possibly subject to change...

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SUBHUMAN @ Z-Lounge - May 21st 2009 - Setlist

i had a really good time playing at this!
thanks to everybody who stuck it out to the end.

here's my setlist...touched on some clubby remix stuff,
some party dubstep, into darker dubstep and technoid sounds,
then a bit of stage-diving d&b and breakcore...

Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit (Kissy Klub Version)
Rusko - Mr Muscle
TI - Dead and Gone (Kid Simple Dubstep Bootleg) 135
Kid606 - Raving Cain (Bruce Stallion remix)
Dub & Run - Boyz
DJ Mujava - Township Funk (Radioclit Remix)
Dre Skull Feat Sizzla - Gone Too Far - Rico Tubbs Ravehall Remix
Unknown Artist vs Deftones - Shove It
Bruce Stallion - Black Rims
Cardopusher - Steppin Worldwide
2nd II None - Rompa Stompa
Distance - Night Vision (Skream Rmx)
Otto Von Schirach - satanic unicorn orgy
Droid Sector - Lethal Dose
Nero - End Of The World
Current Value / Rodell - User Error (feat Underhill)
La Roux - Bulletproof (Foamo Remix)
2 Bit Thugs - Tearing Up The Club (Original Mix)
Tears For Fears - Head Over Heels (Kissy Klub Version)
Rob Threezy - The Change Up (Jokers Of The Scene Remix)
Vaski - Release Her
Substacja - vintage killer
Split Horizon - trees
Limewax - one ofthem (kanji kinetic remix)
Cheshire - blah blah media
Selfsimilar - 1st Degree (VIP)
Polysics - Oh! Monaliza
Otto Von Schirach - romance in the club feat. liquido
Kid606 - Kill soundboy kill
Skinny Puppy - Assimilate
Limewax & Current Value - Tempest
Mendelayev - m Zombie
Abelcain - this Dream People Call Human Life
Dirtyphonics- Quarks
Current Value - Higher
The Original Gabber - I Want To Be A Motherfuckng Hustler
Dying Punks and Current Value - Love All The People
Dean Rodell Vs Current Value - Requiem (Cooh Remix)
Broken Note - Pyrotek
Watain - From The Pulpits Of Abomination
Nero - Go Back
JStat - blade runner remix
Boregore - Mama's Boy
Diskore - Up There
Resurrector - negative force
Vex'd - Angels

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The 6th Galactic Ass Dragon Classic
This laptop battle is free to enter and anyone with a computer can join.
It is taking place at Belvedere's (4016 Butler Street) in Pittsburgh, PA on Saturday June 13th, 2009 at 9PM. 
The event is 21 and over, $3 admission (everyone who enters the battle gets in for free, though). 
If you would like to sign-up for the competition or have any questions, contact dave 8cylinder.

This will again be hosted by Mike N'Ike Jones. 

More info at http://rhinoplex.org/assdragon6

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Xanopticon (Hymen/Zhark/No Room For Talent)
Skymall (Addict/Distort)
9MM (Deathstep Records/Painfree Foundsound Institute/Party With A Capital P)
Cutups (Wrecked Distro/Rhinoplex.org)
Dj John Bender (thescythianproject.net/destroyer.net)

Sound support from Callaborations Productions, providing serious heavy artillery.

No Cover!

We will be in the lobby of the kent stage

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mix by cutups recorded 4/1/2003

download 320


Electro Breakcore slamma-jamma.
resurrector - "negative force" - no room for talent 1
somatic responses - "researching limits" - casse tette 1
somatic responses - "xtrakshun" - hymen39
karl marx stadt - "vgamz" lux nigra
datathief - "kaya" hexidecimator remix - orange
dexorcist - "dexadrin" - audio illusion/smb
r-zac - "?" - po 16
danh -"kick it" - newskin 5
taciturne - "guero" - blut
electromecca - "b-boyz not dead pt 1" - peace off ltd2
low entropy - "symphony of creative destruction" - praxis 
brodie guy - "nightdrive 5761" - zod
igor - "end of days" - smb 
cyne - "400 years" (algorithm remix) - botanica del jibaro
otaku - "patterns of interference" (lobotomized mix) - bsi
nurgle/sek.hell - "identite remarquable" - trolls
line47 - "vectoise un brks" - sonic terror 2
a034 - "viral attitude" - hydrophonic
emotional joystick "eight" - zod
traffic - "jansky noise" - epileptik
dj hidden - "empty streets" - fear3
emotional joystick - "rotterdam" - zod
undacova - "backstab" - pleemobil3
anticracy - "soul rehab" - idroscalo dischi
noiscreator - "macron" nasenbluten remix - active underground 4
flashbulb - "stinger" - bowa3
chris clark - "diesel raven" - warp 86
flashbulb - "every two days" - bowa3
joseph nothing - "divine lowlife" - planetmu 
flashbulb - "loose jazz x" - bowa3

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weird. f+.