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4/20 FYER FEST Premium-ist Exclusive 3D Interactive Comedy Danceparty
Posted on Wednesday April 03, 2019

Saturday April 20th
from the crew that brought you WIGGIN AHT:


a premium exclusive 3D interactive comedy danceparty experience

Featuring premium luxury island experiences thanks to…

Major HEADLINERS such as…
CUTUPS – www.mixcloud.com/cutups
KEEB$ – www.mixcloud.com/toddkeebs
DA/NA – www.mixcloud.com/DA_NA

Fine dining with

It’s about models, influencers, disruption unicorns, dank gravy, pop punk orgies, authentic innovators driving authentic innovation for authentic millennials, luxury fart villas, the loudest EDM you’ve ever heard, building value added experiences, curly fries with extra ranch, and of course, the music of the best and only rap artist you know: Ja Rule.

Come maybe experience everything you can’t believe is real, at FYER FEST (PGH) 2019!

All taking place at Spirit Quay, an exclusive beach,
due north of Slice Island!
242 51st Street just off Butler St

Thematic costumes, props and role-play encouraged!
(Drop us a line if you have anything in mind)

Follow & Like

DJ shows over time
Posted on Wednesday April 03, 2019


I’ve been tracking data about my DJ gigs (and shows overall) for a long time, just as a side effect of always running some form of event calendar, so I figured it would be interesting to run a database query see how they’ve changed over time.

I don’t think this list is exhaustive, but it’s fairly close (90+%). If anything is missing, it’s a bunch of FUZZ/BBT dates. Aside from a handful of exceptional ones, I didn’t include house show/parties. I broke down each event by the “primary” genre tag used for the event.

It’s often kind of tough to actually break down what I play, and that’s probably the biggest take-away. I try to fit the theme of the night, but I also seek out nights where I can play just about anything. As time went by, more and more sets are these pan-genre sets that fell into a few categories.

“Bass” is really maybe the biggest cheat, since the contents of that have veered one way or another over time. Since 2008, my sets in this area have been often fairly genre agnostic, and combine elements of dubstep, ukg, grime, funky, wave, bassline, jersey club, footwork, drum and bass and other bass-focused sounds within one set, but different nights may go much more heavily towards one subgenre. Overall it was really facilitated by the format for Stackin Paper andLazerCrunk. I like it this way, but it’s sometimes hard to sum-up.

“Dark dance” is really just my way of summing up what i typically play at goth or modern dark nights, but it doesn’t really map to an existing well known genre. It’s interesting to see that I’ve strung together a few different series that ended up expressing it self this way (ILLUSIONS, Darkwave, Coven, plus other guest spots). I made a pretty conscious decision starting from the first time that I ever played one of these nights that I’d mix it up more than what any one DJ did in those scenes. You’ll usually hear a bit of goth, deathrock, darkwave, witch house, minimal wave, ebm and noisier other tangents strung together. Sometimes I’ve played more niche sets and indicated that, usually more in the power-noise or industrial vein.

“Anything goes” really is an expression of when I started to open up my creates and DJ sets to blending as many things together as possible. Some of that was my own impetus, some was getting some opportunities to play for open nights by people like Edgar Um and Kristen Dale. It’s a bit unfair of a descriptor, as sometimes it was mostly indie-dance of the era (early-mid 2000s), other other times a more open mix of punk, new wave, no-wave, funk, soul, industrial, hiphop, dancehall, house, electro, disco, world-dance or whatever else was banging or I picked up at the record store, but typically with more of an eye for the popular dancefloor than other sorts of shows.

I enjoy playing all kinds of sets, but in some regards i feel like my unique strengths really are in breakcore, jungle, idm, classic rave and other niche high-energy electronic music. The reality is that I don’t find that many gigs in those styles due to their relative lack of popularity or zeitgeist.

# of events by primary genre, per year

2019 (13 shows as of april)
dark dance (mixed genre) 4 
synthwave 2
bass (mixed genre) 2
techno 1
breakcore 1
anything goes noisy (mixed genre) 1
anything goes dance (mixed genre) 1
live 1

2018 (27 shows)
dark dance (mixed genre) 10
bass (mixed genre) 8 
uk garage 2
drum and bass 1
anything goes dance (mixed genre) 2
anything goes noisy (mixed genre) 1
electro 1
breakcore 1
dancehall / dub 1

2017 (21 shows)
bass (mixed genre) 10
footwork 3 
synthwave 3
breakcore 2
dark dance (mixed genre) 1
drum and bass 1
downtempo 1

2016 (31 shows)
bass (mixed genre) 13 
drum and bass 3 
dark dance (mixed genre) 3 
breakcore 2 
ukg 2
idm 2 
footwork 1
synthwave 1
chiptune 1
industrial 1
rave 1
dubstep 1

2015 (21 shows)
bass (mixed genre) 12
dark dance (mixed genre) 5
breakcore 2
drum and bass 2

2014 (28 shows)
bass (mixed genre) 12 
dark dance (mixed genre) 5 
drum and bass 4 
anything goes underground (mixed genre) 2
breakcore 1 
edm 1
idm 1 
noise 1
mashup 1

2013 (28 shows)
bass (mixed genre) 12
drum and bass 7
dark dance (mixed genre) 4 
80s 1
breakcore 1
idm 1
industrial 1
witch house 1

2012 (30 shows)
bass (mixed genre) 15
dark dance (mixed genre) 6 
breakcore 2 
drum and bass 2 
90s 1
witch house 1
indie dance 1
idm 1
metal 1

2011 (27 shows)
bass (mixed genre) 13 
dark dance (mixed genre) 5 
dubstep / deep 3 
breakcore 2 
anything goes dance (mixed genre) 1
glitch hop 1
hardcore 1
power noise 1

2010 (35 shows)
bass (mixed genre) 15 
drum and bass 3 
breakcore 3 
anything goes dance (mixed genre) 2 
dubstep 2
idm 2 
indie dance 2 
dark dance 1
electro 1
hiphop 1
glitch hop 1
industrial 1
mashup 1

2009 (35 shows)
bass (mixed genre) 8 
anything goes dance (mixed genre) 6
breakcore 3
dubstep 3
idm 3 
indie dance 2 
drum and bass 2 
chiptune 1
b-more 1
dancehall 1
disco / house 1
electro 1 
mashup 1

2008 (30 shows)
anything goes dance (mixed genre) 11
bass (mixed genre) 11
drum and bass 2 
idm 2 
rave 1
breakcore 1
mashup 1
dubstep 1

2007 (36 shows)
anything goes dance (mixed genre) 12
breakcore 6
drum and bass 5
electro 5
bass 2 
dubstep 1 
dark dance 1
hardcore 1 
mashup 1
idm 1
rave 1

2006 (31 shows)
anything goes dance (mixed genre) 10
breakcore 7
drum and bass 6 
idm 2 
electro 2
experimental / noise 2
rave 1
dubstep 1

2005 (20 shows)
drum and bass 7
experimental / noise 3 
idm 3
breakcore 3
hardcore 2
mashup 1
dancehall / reggae 1

2004 (16 shows)
breakcore 6
drum and bass 5
experimental / noise 2 
anything goes dance (mixed genre) 1
rave 1
idm 1

2003 (15 shows)
breakcore 7
idm 5
electro 2
hardcore 1

2002 (17 shows)
breakcore 7 
drum and bass 7
idm 1
80s 1
rave 1

2001 (14 shows)
breakcore 4
hardcore 3
drum and bass 2
idm 2
dark dance music (mixed genre) 1
hiphop 1
punk 1

2000 (15 shows)
drum and bass 6
breakcore 5
hardcore 2
experimental / noise 2

1999 (6 shows)
rave 3 
hardcore 1
happy hardcore 1
drum and bass 1

1998 (3 shows)
drum and bass 2
happy hardcore 1

1997 (2 shows)
drum and bass 1
hardcore 1

1996 (3 shows)
drum and bass 2 
hardcore 1

Fri April 12th ADULT. with Void Vision, Wisteria & Cutups @ Spirit
Posted on Thursday March 28, 2019

Friday April 12th 2019

Telecorps Presents

ADULT. “Official” [Dais Records: Detroit]


Void Vision [Philadelphia]


WISTERIA [Pittsburgh]


DJ Cutups

live analog video projections by 8cylinder

this event is co-presented by Spirit.


9pm – 2am

$12 advance / $15 at the door



Spirit Hall
242 51st Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15201


Over the course of the last two decades, Detroit-based duo ADULT. (Nicola Kuperus and Adam Lee Miller) have released six albums and nineteen EPs and singles across some of our favorite labels: Mute, Ghostly International, Thrill Jockey, Clone Records, Third Man Records, and their own label, the revered Ersatz Audio. November 1998 marked their first release: the five-song 12” “Dispassionate Furniture”. This September, twenty years later, Dais Records is proud to announce ADULT.’s seventh full length album: THIS BEHAVIOR.

The album began as 23 demos written and recorded in a remote cabin in the woods of Northern Michigan during the dead of winter. In total isolation, and with a reduced amount of gear (a modified version of their live setup) on the cabin’s kitchen table, the duo were completely immersed in an incessant inescapable studio of their own making – looping, repetitive analogue sequences grinding away day and night. At the end of the intense demo session, a handful of peers were enlisted by the band for the difficult task of paring down the demos into the final album.

The result is 10 tracks of uncompromising dark electronics, showcasing ADULT.’s return to aggressive and energetic dancefloor mastery. Album opener “This Behavior” alongside the follow-up “Violent Shakes” (which ascends into synths wailing like warning sirens over Kuperus’s commanding vocals) set the stage for an on-edge listen, while the heartbreaking “Silent Exchange” unfolds as a beautiful sad synth dirge. “Perversions of Humankind” breaks the mood – driving the listener into a slow and low groove before the frantic album midpoint of “Irregular Pleasure”. “Does The Body Know?” is the album’s post-punk anthem, with irresistible singalong “we’re out of order – we’re undefined!” The latter half of the album drives forward with “On The Edge (You Put Me…)” and “Lick Out The Content”, refusing rest and demanding movement and response. “Everything & Nothing” emerges slowly from sparkling synth textures, snowballing with nervous energy into an acid techno stomper before the album comes to a close on the icy landscape of “In All The Debris”, a goose-bump inducing slow electronic mantra that closes the curtain on a massive album.

Dais Records is proud to present ADULT.’s THIS BEHAVIOR. Available on digital, digipack CD, and vinyl LP in stores 9/7, with exclusive limited vinyl colorways for UK & Europe.

Artist statement on the album’s writing process:
“It’s confounding how often we negate the importance of disconnecting, getting weird, getting lost. Discomfort and joy intertwined. Day to day, theatrical self-presentation set to rest in our frantic social world. Public becomes private, almost too private. Looking out into frozen woods as you deliver your vocals. For who? For what? Taking walks along icy shorelines as you try to overcome writer’s block, as you try to overcome yourself. Not seeing anyone for days and weeks on end. Overwhelming thoughts and feelings come rushing in; anxiety, fear, purpose, banality, futility of task, power structures, power struggles, pointlessness, collapse. You’re faced to face yourself. Your awareness is heightened. You are neither here nor there. You are in a liminal state. As you work in this isolated cabin your windows become mirrors.”

“Are we distortions. Are we distortions, perversions of humankind.
Are we distortions. Are we distortions, twisted somewhere in time.”



Void Vision is a Philadelphia-based electronic project helmed by Shari Vari. It began around 2009 at a time when a wave of synth-revivalists were materializing, but the quality of the songwriting and intense vocals set the band apart from the pack. In a rare instance, Void Vision has managed to combine vintage dance elements with melodic structures, haunting melancholy, and lyrics that have a palpable soul. The songs themselves are dynamic, referencing a cross-section of the last 30 years of electronic music, while simultaneously retaining a uniqueness all their own.


Sat Feb 16 Hot Mass [Detour] w/ Locals ONLY
Posted on Monday February 11, 2019

<< 21+ w/ ID // limited capacity, please arrive early >>

Live Sets By:
Alex Is (La Squadra) – PGH


DJ Sets by:
Cutups (Lazer Crunk, Coven) – PGH

Spednar (Cosmic Sound) – PGH

For the month of February DETOUR presents a selection of local Pittsburgh talent. Featuring live sets from Alex Is and Morgantics and DJ sets from Spednar and Cutups. This party also commemorates Alex Is’ Sub Missions album release. So clear your schedule and make sure you come early and are ready to stay late so you don’t miss a beat

[MIX] Cutups – Cell Death
Posted on Thursday January 31, 2019

90 mix of bone rattling broken anti-biological technoid rhythms
broken bass, industrial techno, futurist electro and tripped acid sounds
recorded january 2019

In addition, I’ll be djing in these realms at Hot Mass [Detour] w/ Locals ONLY on February 16th, along with Alex Is, Morgantics and Spednar. It’ll be fun to bring our no-holds approach to that night!

umwelt – time crystal
simo cell- how do u turn this on
bruce – elo
lurka – battery
paleman – yrs ago
blawan – kaz
ploy – ramos
martyn – everything is new
agrippa – harbour run 
214 – snow banks
le dom – castle owner
chontane – clutch
pinch – ahh ff sss
scalameriya – dazzling grim
rory st john – rotoscopus
ansome – vakuum
minimum syndicat – mass evacuation
jaquarius – gooseka the slippery
SDX – 38 + Broken
AQXDM – aegis
LSDXOXO – smoke of the skunk
textasy – i’m the needle
dj seduction – hardcore heaven (heaven mix)
underground resistance – electronic warfare (take control mix)
timothy j fairplay – hard ticket to haiti
glass figure – cold eyes
schwefelgelb – obwohl es so aussleht
popsimonova – drive
the mover – shadow deception
scanone – smoke machine
linea aspera – malarone
jensen interceptor, assembler code – kinematics
shinra – pinwheel
cherriep – alkaline

Sun Mar 24th Betamaxx, 6th Circle, Korine, Child of Night + Cutups @ Brillobox
Posted on Monday January 28, 2019

Betamaxx (retro synthwave // Pittsburgh)

6th circle (rotting dance // Columbus)

Korine (electronic synth pop // Philly)

Child of Night (coldest wave // Columbus)

with Dj Cutups between sets

8pm $10

Sat Mar 9th: CS & BxC Pres. Renick Bell, William Fields, Father of Two +
Posted on Monday January 28, 2019

We’re getting a head start with this one! Here’s a lineup of folks we’ve wanted to get to Pittsburgh for some time!

Renick Bell (UIQ, Seagrave, Halcyon Veil) [Tokyo]
Renick Bell is a computer musician, programmer, and teacher living in Tokyo, Japan. He is a graduate of the doctoral program at Tama Art University in Tokyo, Japan. His current research interests are live coding, improvisation, and algorithmic composition using open source software. He is the author of Conductive, a library for live coding in the Haskell programming language.

William Fields (Conditional, NOREMIXES) [Philadelphia]
William Fields (b.1977) is an artist, musician, and composer whose work explores algorithmic composition and audio-visual correspondence in the context of real-time improvisational live performance.

Father of Two (In Training) [Pittsburgh/Cleveland]
co-resident/organizer at In Training, a queer electronic music monthly in cleveland, ohio. exploring and solidifying the connection between the energy and aesthetics of midwestern dance music, uk soundsystem culture, and wider global club sounds.

+ DXGPVWZ (Spednar × Arsonist) Generative A/V +

$10 Pre-sale / $15 Door

Valentine’s Pudding Wrestling Massacre: 10th Anniversary
Posted on Monday January 28, 2019


2019: The 10th ANNIVERSARY of the Valentine’s Pudding Wrestling Massacre.
Don’t miss out on the city’s most action-packed, messy, fun night of the year

These ladies may have costumes and entrance songs and themed names, but this is no pre-planned wrestling event. Contestants battle it out with 3 rounds per match in order to advance to the finals, where the winner takes home a CASH $$$ PRIZE and 10th Anniversary bragging rights!

The event includes:

12 hot Pittsburgh ladies wrestling in vanilla pudding
CASH $$$ PRIZE for the winner
Celebrity judges (do you think Bill Peduto or Sharon Needles will return?)
Large projection screen near the bar (so you don’t miss any of the action)
Keebs as master of ceremonies and referee
The Beautiful Bianca as ring girl
Cutups on decks
Raffles and giveaways
T-shirts by Matt Gondek
And lots and lots of vanilla pudding

Not yet convinced? Check out this reel from 2013:

Doors open at 9pm, action starts at 10pm. Get your tickets now for $10, or $15 at the door.
We recommend getting there early to grab a good viewing spot for guaranteed entry.


For the best view the whole night, with your own seat ringside, grab a Reserved Seat ticket!
There are very limited VIP tickets, so grab them now

HUGE thank you to our sponsors:
MÜV Integrated Physical Culture
Armature Tattoo
Graham’s Barber Shop
Commonwealth Press

Wanna wrestle? Message us on instagram @puddingwrestling ASAP

Fri Feb 8th LazerCrunk Monster Bass w/ Hypho (UK) @ Brillobox
Posted on Monday January 28, 2019

LazerCrunk presents:
MONSTER BASS – A Monster Truck and Bass Smashing Good Time

Hypho – Manchester, UK

A rising star of UK bass music, Hypho’s original tunes take influence from dark dubstep, techno, breaks, and grime, creating a monster all his own. Catching the ear of some of the bass music scene’s veterans has landing him on Encyrpted Audio, Jelly Bean Farm, Rinse FM, and more. Kick your weekend into overdrive with this heavyweight set!

Cutups & Keebs – Pittsburgh
Your resident sound system crushers will get the LazerCrunk engine warmed up with a trunk full of bangers.

Plus our 5th annual, epic Monster Truck visual installation with guest VJ Ryan Johnquest! Keep your eyes on the event page for further details and how you can get your visuals projected throughout the event.

Brillobox – 4104 Penn Ave
$7 before 11pm, $10 after

Thu Jan 10th COVEN dark dance thursday w/ Cutups + Rezonate
Posted on Sunday January 06, 2019

Thursday January 10th


CUTUPS // illusions / coven

and special guest:
from the Evolution night @ Cattivo

goth, post-punk, new body, deathrock,
black techno, synthwave, witch house +

Coven is a weekly night
featuring new and classic dark dance music
every thursday, with rotating guest djs

no cover!
9:30pm – 2am
specials $1 16oz Pabst + $3 Fireball until 11:30pm

weird. f+.

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